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Why capitalizing on past translations with alignment is a major advantage

Par Shane Hartford | 21 September 2020

Ever since the dawning of the information age, we’ve been talking about data, and its become the biggest commodity on the market. But for the translations industry, and more specifically for your projects, why is it so important to use your data effectively? If your company has been exporting products and services for years, or […]

In-depth look at one of our areas of expertise: professional translations

Par Shane Hartford | 16 April 2019

Maybe you regularly entrust us with your translation projects, and find yourself wondering what goes on behind the scenes. Or perhaps you’ve never worked with us before and you’re weighing your options, unsure how the professional translator who handles your project will fare. Does the term “Translation Agency” leave you questioning whether your project will […]

Translators, are you made for coworking spaces?

Par Shane Hartford | 10 April 2018

If you’re a translator looking for an office so you no longer need to work from home, and you’re interested in a coworking space, we have a bit of information that may help you make a decision. Over the last few years, the number of coworking spaces has significantly grown in France. Of course, a […]

On the job training with e-learning: how to make the strategy profitable

Par Shane Hartford | 9 March 2018

Do you have a business that has very recently launched an e-learning strategy and you want your employees to take part in online training? You’re in the right place! We’re going to give you some tips and tricks to make sure your strategy is effective! E-learning: what is the motivation? The first prerequisite for any […]

Translating your website: 8 questions to ask yourself before starting!

Par Mediapilote | 27 February 2018

When thinking about translating your website, the first questions which usually spring to mind are: Does everything need to be translated? Who is the target audience? Where is the target geographical area? But these questions, although important, are not the only ones which must be addressed when launching the translation of a website. Some of […]

Technical manuals: reducing the bill

Par Shane Hartford | 15 November 2017

Supprimer le superflu, adapter votre notice aux contraintes internationales, traiter avec un professionnel. Nous vous donnerons toutes les clefs dans l'article ci-dessous!

Price of a translation: 6 points to know to be an expert on the subject

Par Shane Hartford | 4 May 2017

À la question « En combien de temps une traduction peut-elle être prête ? », nous avons répondu, dans un article précédent, que cela dépendait de plusieurs facteurs. Mais qu’en est-il pour la question relative au tarif ? La réponse est la même ! Quels sont alors les facteurs qui déterminent le prix d’un projet de traduction ?

The specialist translator: what are the benefits for the client?

Par Mediapilote | 6 July 2016

How does one become a specialist translator and in what way are these specialisations veritable value additions? In today’s world, business from all sectors may someday need to call on the services of professional translators. In light of this, a translator could, over the course of his/her career, translate documents related to extremely varied domains: […]

How a translation agency works

Par Alice Judéaux | 16 March 2016

The inner workings of a translation agency can seem quite opaque to an outsider. This aura of mystery doesn’t work for us, so let’s see how TradOnline does business.

[Interview] Stéphan Barrère, FSL interpreter

Par Alice Judéaux | 25 November 2015

Hello Stéphan, Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Stéphan Barrère, I am an interpreter licensed in Master 2, French Sign Language to French interpreting, at Lille 3 University. I became an interpreter by changing my career path. After studying Political Science with a focus on international relations and a DEA (Diploma […]

Marina talks translation memories!

Par Alice Judéaux | 28 October 2015

Hello Marina, can you talk a bit about your career path as a professional translator? Yes, of course. My first steps on the path of a professional translator were two years after I wrapped up my formal education. I worked as a freelance translator for an agency in my city, Granada, and in 2014 I […]

Translation memories: don’t you just love them?

Par Alice Judéaux | 21 October 2015

As we go further in the digital age, and we use Google and Wikipedia as a crutch to tell us who did what when because our memories and attention spans aren’t trained enough, specifically because we use Google and Wikipedia all the time, well- a translation memory is a good opportunity to expound philosophically on […]

Your spelling mistakes can make your clients go away

Par Alice Judéaux | 24 September 2015

The plague of the 21st century: spelling mistakes As you are probably aware, even native English people make a lot of spelling mistakes, and the companies they work for will know the ill effects of this practice. Strangely enough, even if the general level of spelling skills is dropping, consumers will still be likely to […]

Behind the scenes: video game translations

Par Alice Judéaux | 26 March 2015

Everyone plays video games. If you’ve ever wondered how they get translated, read on! It’s a highly specialised area and you’ll soon see why. The video games industry is growing, and companies are always developing new ideas as they battle to make gamers addicted to their products. In fact, we might call this the world’s […]

Quality translations and satisfaction guaranteed – the TradOnline way

Par Alice Judéaux | 4 February 2015

Here at TradOnline, we take pride in our main assets: the high quality of project management and our customer care, that ultimately provide you with quality translations. If you’re wondering how exactly TradOnline project managers go about things to get that quality for you, let us explain 🙂 Everything begins with our sales team that […]

The competition: translation platforms and professional translators (part 2)

Par Alice Judéaux | 14 January 2015

Who are TradOnline’s translators? Like all translation agencies, we rely on freelance professional translators. We are also a company whose goal is to turn a profit, but our strategy regarding providers is very different compared to the translation platforms we’ve seen in part one of our article: we consider our translators to be our partners, […]

The competition: on translation platforms (part 1)

Par Alice Judéaux | 7 January 2015

In the past several years, we’ve been noticing a different sort of competitor emerging among language service providers (LSPs). They look just like any other translation agency; however the way translation platforms actually work is different. We’ve tested three of these translation platforms for you, so here is a quick presentation:   TextMaster Gengo […]

Proofreading: do translators like to be corrected by others?

Par Alice Judéaux | 25 February 2012

A few weeks ago we had quite an animated discussion about the topic of proofreading on one of our Linkedin groups. The point of argument was: “do translators like to be corrected by others?” Many translation professionals contributed to the discussions both for and against the argument, however the general perception was that proofreading is an […]