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Medical Translations

Pharmaceutical product notices, clinical trials, biotechnologies, oncology, etc.; medical translation is not just one domain, but rather a superset with as many subcategories as the medical field itself.

Medical translation: specialized translators for multiple disciplines

We treat each project according to its specificities, and our translators, specialized in the medical field, are able to handle such domains as:

  • Oncology, la gastroenterology, pneumology, cardiology, neurology, etc.;
  • Biotechnologies, biochemistry;
  • Pharmacology, clinical trials from major labs;
  • Medical equipment.

As to our interpreters, they are often in demand for specialized medical conferences.

Multiple specialties and multiple projects in medical translations

Our project managers are veritable specialists themselves; specialists in the organization of translation projects in the medical field. They can advise you on the best practices to implement in order to assure the final quality of your translated document.

We work with clients such as hospitals and private clinics, pharmeceutical labs, and medical companies on projects ranging from clinical trials, publications, medical notices, pathological descriptions, etc.

At TradOnline, we specialize in many varied sectors, and medical translations represent a significant portion of our business activity. When one of our clients requires quality translations within a short deadline, we know just how to respond to their needs. Afterall, that’s just another day for us!

Prescription: highly qualitative translations!

Description of the client’s needs:

Translations from French to English and Dutch
Sworn translations from English to Dutch
Translations from Dutch to English
Adaptation of French translations following updates to the source text in Dutch.

These projects carried out in the pharmaceutical industry included issues such as informed consent as well as patient cards and guides (children, adolescents, and adults) and messages related to clinical trials and results.
They were sent to us as Word or PDF documents.

The particularity of this project? Rigidly defined terminology, specific to the pharmaceutical field and to medical research, and often times with very short lead times and rigorous regulations.

So how does TradOnline manage this type of demand? For handling this type of request, use of a CAT (like Trados Studio or memoQ) is more than a simple luxury; in order to ensure consistency in the terminology and quality across projects, mastery of this type of tool is an absolute requirement!

The client’s dedicated project manager calls on a team of two translators (per language) specialized in the medical field to guarantee that the correct terminology and forms are followed so the translations maintain their interest and value and are properly understood.

As the medical sector is very highly regulated, specific attention must be put into responding to the quality requirements.

Another essential point, all previously translated segments are locked ahead of being sent to the translators for translation, ensuring that no billing will occur for these repetitions.

A complex project:

The process implemented by TradOnline allowed us to optimize translation costs for the client all while guaranteeing top-notch quality. Mission successful!

The TradOnline plus:

Reactivity and implication from all stakeholders in the project.
Thanks to proper upstream organization, tested and true methods and unparalleled rigour, TradOnline was able to respond to demands in extremely exigent sectors such as the medical field.

TradOnline’s advice for this type of demand: pay attention to the structure of the source files. If multiple clinical studies are sent for translation at the same time, it’s necessary to write them in the same way (page formatting) to ensure the best returns from the translation memory in our CAT tool (which enables better optimization of costs through use of repetitions).