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Medical Translations

Pharmaceutical product notices, clinical trials, biotechnologies, oncology, etc.; medical translation is not just one domain, but rather a superset with as many subcategories as the medical field itself.

Medical translation: specialized translators for multiple disciplines

We treat each project according to its specificities, and our translators, specialized in the medical field, are able to handle such domains as:

  • Oncology, la gastroenterology, pneumology, cardiology, neurology, etc.;
  • Biotechnologies, biochemistry;
  • Pharmacology, clinical trials from major labs;
  • Medical equipment.

As to our interpreters, they are often in demand for specialized medical conferences.

Multiple specialties and multiple projects in medical translations

Our project managers are veritable specialists themselves; specialists in the organization of translation projects in the medical field. They can advise you on the best practices to implement in order to assure the final quality of your translated document.

We work with clients such as hospitals and private clinics, pharmeceutical labs, and medical companies on projects ranging from clinical trials, publications, medical notices, pathological descriptions, etc.