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Tradutec Group

Created in 2008 and acquired by the Tradutec Group in 2016, TradOnline is committed to its core values, and undertakes to continually be transparent and innovative. We put all of these values, and our extensive expertise in the field of translation, at the service of our customers and their internationalization projects.

The Tradutec Group (€11M, 13 companies) is an independent family business, which, since 1962, has acquired recognized expertise in the field of translation and renown amongst its diversified clientèle, specifically throughout France and the Benelux region.

Its various companies, both generalist and specialized, respond to a wide range of translation and interpretation needs for companies, associations, and local authorities.


Having experienced strong growth during its first 6 years, allowing TradOnline to gain a certain notoriety with our customers, the company took it into its own hands to build upon its fundamentals and control the rate of expansion. The annual turnover has thus somewhat stabalized.

Since 2008, we have positioned ourselves as veritable partners to our clients. The quality of our advice, our reactivity, and our professionalism are put in service of their international development.

Our goal: offer the best possible service, while respecting the budget and constraints of our clients.

We offer bespoke solutions with an eye to the sustainable development of our trade: customer satisfaction, mutual respect for our partners, and offer our team a work environment that allows each and every one to spread their wings, grow, and contribute to our continual development.

Our team

The TradOnline translation agency is headquartered out of Laval, Mayenne to the greatest pleasure of its team!

And as proud Mayennais (residents of Mayenne) are always happy for others to discover their jewel of a département, we cordially invite you to check out our office de tourisme website to get to know us better.

Alice Judéaux

Alice Judéaux

Commercial Development Manager

Alice joined TradOnline in 2011 as a translation project manager. After completing her studies in commerce, she began her career in the cosmetic industry as a project manager. It was through a bit of happenstance that she found herself on the team, after receiving a job offer from Viadeo. She was drawn to the challenge of developing an up-and-coming business.

She is now entirely focused on commercial development at TradOnline and is always willing to test new, innovative solutions for finding and converting new prospects.

She is very dynamic, and it’s her availability and constant seeking of customer satisfaction that will convince you to entrust your project to us.
#Dynamic #Perseverant #Imaginative

Aline Sésia

Aline Sésia

Quality Assurance and Purchasing Manager

Originally from the Paris region, Aline made the move to Laval in February 2012 to join the TradOnline team. It was her birthday, but TradOnline who received the best present that day!

She was drawn to the international aspect of TradOnline, and she always managers her various tasks with a smile.

Aline always has something to say to ensure the work environment is relaxed and friendly!

As to her personal life, Aline prefers to share her time between family, friends, the tennis court, and the deep blue seas where she enjoys SCUBA diving.
#Sensible #Diplomatic #Enthousiastic

Sophie Kerloc’h

Sophie Kerloc’h

Administrative Assistant and Accountant

Sophie joined our ranks in May 2013.

Her joyous personality quickly won us over.

At work, her professionalism, rigour, and her investment in her work make her a key member we don’t know how we would do without!

Knowing all that, you’d certainly feel lucky to have her, but sorry, she’s not available!
#Organized #Rigourous #Generous

Laureline Garrot

Laureline Garrot

Project Manager – Commercial Developer

Laureline has Mayenne coursing in her veins! She joined TradOnline in November 2016.

Part-time Project Manager, part-time Commercial Developer, she gives it her all every day for TradOnline!

When it comes to business, her no non-sense professionalism shines through, but don’t mistake her for uncaring! She makes it her personal mission to ensure your projects run as smoothly as possible, which is why her translators and regular clients have come to trust and appreciate her as much as the rest of the team at TradOnline has!

When it comes to her personal life, she’s happy to enjoy all Mayenne has to offer, whether on a nice jog through nature or spending time with friends and family.
#Optimist #Organized #Knowswhatshewants

Charline Reboux

Charline Reboux

Project Manager – Translator

Charline joined our team in 2017and quickly found her place amongst us, becoming an integral part of the team!

She manages a number of projects for some of our key clients with discretion and efficacity. But when she finds a break in her workload, she still manages to get her feet wet with some translations.

She completed her studies in translation and has gained a lot of experience in project management over the last few years. You can rest assured, quality is always her top priority!

When it comes to her personal life, Charline is an avid footballer, and is always ready and willing to babysit her nieces and nephews. She’s an aunt without equal!
#Patient #Perseverant #Sporty

Baptiste Gougeon

Baptiste Gougeon

Project Manager

Baptiste joined TradOnline in July of 2021, curageously traversing the border to Mayenne from his native Brittany!

His educational background was perfectly aligned with becoming a project manager: a degree in Applied Foreign Languages followed by a Masters in Translation and Interpretation.

He first joined TradOnline as an end-of-studies intern and was the only one within the entire Tradutec Group to complete his internship despite the challenges engendered by the onset of Covid-19.

On the weekend, you may cross him on the football pitch, but it’s just as likely he’ll be behind his screen as he’s an avowed and avid gamer. Yep, he’s a bit of a geek, but he’s no shut in; he never turns down the opportunity for a night on the town with his friends.
#Versatile #Determined #Sporty