Your needs

Document Translation

With the multitude of various applications and technical solutions used by companies today, the simple number of different file formats has exploded over the last decade. Our translation agency is ready to take on the technical challenges posed by these changes: TradOnline is able to translate the text found in nearly any file format. Certified translations, sworn translations, or otherwise, we rarely see a file format we can’t handle, whatever the languages (English, French, etc.).

In the rare cases where we are at a loss, we can call on our technical expert to get your project off the ground. Once you’ve begun working with TradOnline, we will assign you a personal project manager who will be your direct contact throughout our collaboration together.

Why a dedicated project manager?

In order to build a successful, trusting, and lasting partnership with our clients, TradOnline will assign you a project manager who will remain available and attentive and will come to know your specific needs and the best steps to take to ensure you hit your development goals.

As the contact point for the client and translator alike, they will work tirelessly to ensure your project is led in the best possible conditions, guaranteeing quality and leadtime.

Want to get to know them better?

Whether you send your projects by e-mail, drop them on our customer portal, integrate our service with your CMS or LMS, search and drop them on your servers… we’ve already worked within all these technical frameworks. We uderstand that each business is different, from their organization to their constraints (standards, confidentiality, etc.), and that each will have their own preferences. That’s why we are so flexible on our end; we’ll adapt to your procedures and methods.

Page formatting

We work to ensure the translations follows the structure of your original document: summary, links, font, etc.

We will also ensure we maintain the hierarchy of your files within your folders.

We’re able to handle standard files from Office365, OpenOffice, Apple (OSX), etc., as well as more complex file formats such as scorm files, .xml, xliff, html files, .po, csv, etc.

Note: if your file exceeds 10 MB, we also possess an FTP server that will facilitate the import and delivery of your translation files.

Do pay attention to any images or non-editable text as this will complicate the translation as well as the reintegration.

Each file format has it’s own specificities and some are more complex than others, and of course this may translate to more time spent on the projects and thus higher project management fees. That’s why we advise you from the very outset to study your project in-house and see if there are other file options that may save you time and money.

But don’t overly complicate your workload either and don’t stress about the type of file you send us, take the time to decide what will be easiest for reintegration after translation.