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SEO Optimization

The international development of your business requires the adaptation of your communication media for future clients. Your marketing and legal documents, as well as your website, should be translated into your future clients’ native language.

But it isn’t enough to simply translate your website and hope that your prospects find you. Your site must be referenced on search engines. Just like you work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your home market, you must also work on it internationally with multilingual SEO.

If you or your client have never audited your SEO in your home market

For any web project, a keyword analysis should be completed upstream in order to guarantee a better placement on search engines, such as Google or Bing. The same is true for the translation of a website: if you want to be referenced in international markets, it is crucial to carry out a keyword analysis specific to your activity and your target market.

But make sure you are taking each step meticulously.

Web translation requires we adapt your content for each targeted country, and thus adapt the keywords. But it isn’t just a question of translating the keywords in your source language as each country will have different cultural implications. You need full localization!

We can offer a full SEO diagnostic as follows:

  • Analysis of web users’ searches
  • Delivery of a study of potential keywords with recommendations of which to prioritize
  • Study of primary competitors on the market
  • SEO workshop to validate your strategy
  • Treatment of feedback and delivery of final study
  • Implementation of keywords and monitoring of results

If you have an in-house SEO department that is unable to handle multilingual SEO

In this case, we can offer to adapt your keyword study for the target countries, thanks to the help of our expert SEO partner.

This work involves multiple steps:

  • Translation of you keywords in your target languages
  • Implication of our espert SEO partner to add supplementary keywords in the target language
  • Verification of the pertinence of these new keywords by our translators
  • Delivery of the list with associated search volume

This takes into account that you already have a team in-house who can decide on the correct plan of action in regards to your SEO for your website.

If your SEO optimization is already entrusted to a professional for your native language, but you would like to call on another service provider for your intenational expansion

If you don’t have an in-house SEO team, we can offer you a more complete service including:

  • Optimization of natural referencing of your website’s various pages
  • After the upstream work of defining the keywords, we will provide you with a file including the various elements for each page produced:
    • Primary keyword
    • Secondary keywords and connections
    • Optimization of headings
    • Recommendation from our expert partner on writing your meta-descriptions

And, as we are primarily a translation agency, we will adapt the content in function of these SEO elements:

  • Translation of your site’s existing content in adherence with the recommendations of our SEO expert
  • Creation of meta-descriptions and headings
  • Implementation of data on you site as necessary

SEO optimization to increase visibility of your site

If your business already has an existing international website, but your annual turnover hasn’t seen the boost you’ve been hoping for, or if you find your pages are being returned by local search engines, TradOnline will help you rewrite and adapt you Internet content.

After identifying keywords with the best potential returns in your targeted markets, our teams will help optimize your pages’ content and tags for SEO (headings, image alternate text, URL slugs, etc.).

And for SEA?

Do you want to increase your traffic through paid marketing campaigns on various search engines (AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.)? We will help translate and localize all of your ads. Just ask one of our wonderful project managers!