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Specialized Translation

Our translation agency has selected expert linguists in a number of domains over the cours of a number of years. This allows us to offer specialized translation services to our customers.

What is a specialized translation?

We refer to a translation as “specialized” when the content falls within a specific domain, such as marketing, legal, tourism, medical, etc.

Most translators begin their careers as “generalist” translators. As they become more experienced in translation, they often specialize depending on their particular skillset and the projects that we confide to them.  

Every professional translator who has completed their studies in translation is fully capable of running the necessary research to handle a technical project; however this is a time consuming affair. And that’s why they generally opt to specialize in a specific domain.

“Translation is the business of specialists”

In certain, specific cases, we work with translators who are first and foremost experts in their fields, and for whom translation is only a secondary profession. Who better than a doctor to proofread regulatory affairs publications in the medical field?

Who better than an expert in the London Stock Exchange living comfortably in the South of France to review a prospectus, fund statements, annual reports or a KIID?

A translator can be specialized in numerous domains, and this is especially true of a translator with 20 years of experience behind them.

In order to ensure that your dedicated translator knows your project like the back of their hand, there’s no secret formula; provide them with as much contextual reference documentation as you can to ensure the project gets off on the right foot! There is also great value in ensuring that they are working from a term base, or glossary, that has been verified and confirmed by you, with our without the support of TradOnline.