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InDesign Translation

If your sales brochures, catalogues and other commercial tools were created using InDesign and you’re looking to have them translated for international markets, TradOnline is able and ready to translate your InDesign files in a way that adheres to the source layout and scheme.

Translation of Indesign Files, .IDML and CAT tools

A number of our clients send us PDF files to translate. However, PDF files prove to be complicated to work with as the page formatting of the Word export often leave much to be desired!

But, thankfully there is an easier way to translate InDesign files; simply save the file as an .idml directly in InDesign.

Our Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software are able to handle such file formats as is, allowing our translators to complete their translation of your documents in complete tranquility.

InDesign Translations and page formatting

Following the translation of your document, the page layout of the InDesign file must be reviewed; some words and languages require more or less characters than the source language.

If you don’t have anyone within your company who is qualified to rework and resize the images, TradOnline will contact one of our partner graphic designers and deliver a fully ready-to-use file.