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Marketing Translations

A good translation of your marketing content is absolutely crucial for your brand image and to ensure you are delivering the right message to your target audience. The translation of marketing content requires not only linguistic mastery, but also good marketing intuition and adapted writing skills.

Some consider marketing translations to be equivalent to generalist translations. At TradOnline, we don’t share in this reductionist opinion. Translating a specific message through advertisements, slogans, or even brochures requires knowledge of the target audience and the product or proposed service.

Translation of marketing content: quality first and foremost

The translation of marketing content is vitally important for every business with its eyes on international markets. Whether these documents are destined for internal or external use, poor translations can lead to a number of negative consequences for the company’s image.

Within a company, marketing documents allows for instructions or directives to be shared with all staff within the company or its subsidiaries.

External marketing documents are used for attracting potential clients keeping prospects interested.

A poor translation can sully the image of the company and limit the success of an ad campaign.

Marketing: a completely unique translation field

TradOnline calls on translators specialized in marketing for your translation needs. This type of translation requires certain mechanisms (repetition with previous sentences) that are not necessarily utilized with technical translations.

A translator who is specialized in marketing must be able to adapt the text in order to ensure it corresponds with the corporate and target cultures, especially when it comes to humorous word play.

In order to better understand your translation needs, our project managers have created a questionnaire that allows us to better discern the substance of the marketing message that you want to deliver.

Translation of marketing hooks

TradOnline is specialized in the translation of marketing hooks and slogans.

Translators who work within this field stick to a specific marketing brief and offer recommendation along with their translations.

This type of translation requires knowledge of public relation and advertising in order to fully respond to the mission, translate the material, and offer inspired marketing hooks.

To create a localized slogan, we must take into account:

  • Specific and historic cultural references;
  • The impact of recent news on the collective thinking of the target countries inhabitants;
  • The manner that humour or political and religious references are received;
  • Current colour schemes.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to call on multiple native translators, who, with the help of specific analyses and benchmarks, will provide two or three different variants of the initial slogan, as well as their reasoning for each. We are thus able to offer our clients with multiple translations and adaptation for each slogan and help them make an informed final decision. Multiple clients have entrusted, and regularly continue to entrust us, with their most strategic international marketing campaigns.

Marketing translations: what do we look for in a translator?

A marketing translation is as complex as any technical translation because it requires so much more than a simple word for word translation.

The translator must, therefore, be a total professional when it comes to their copywriting abilities and style, and have the ability to adapt to the client’s corporate values.