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The Languages We Translate

Our translation agency has the particularity of translating a wide variety of language combinations. For some clients, we lead projects in some thirty languages.
Generally speaking, we handle all European languages, Nordic languages, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, as well as most widely spoken Asian languages. If you need more information, contact us!

Here are some of the most common languages we translate:

An Indo-European Germanic Language originating for England, English has, over the last two centuries, become one of the most predominate international languages. Today, it is THE language of international business and finance and all things from political and diplomatic spheres to science, computers or international tourism. It is the official language of more than 50 countries, the most widely spoken language across the world, the most widely taught, and most common you’ll see on the web. In short, English is essential for international business, and our translation agency has taken this fact to heart, and invested in the right tools and resources to help our clients.

When looking to expand internationally, businesses will face a number of challenges: translating documents into English or from English to other languages (French, German, Spanish, etc.) is an essential step in the process to gain visibility and conquer new markets.

At TradOnline we accompany our clients with a team of professional, specialized, and native English speakers. And of course, the keyword here is that: native. Whether it’s spoken in London, New York, or Syndney, it’s not exactly the same English and the uses can differ from one region to another. The different linguistic nuances need to be mastered, which is what our translators, speaking in their native languages are able to put to use for you on a daily basis.

French to English, English to French, English to German, German to English, English to Spanish, Spanish to English… These are just a few of the linguistic combinations we deal with regularly, but the list isn’t exhaustive! Contact us if you have any questions or are looking to launch a translation project in English!

The official language of seven States, German is a veritable keystone language when it comes to exchanges throughout Europe. Of course, it is the official language of the wealthiest country in Europe, and the fourth leading power in the world. With more than 100 million speakers, it is the most commonly spoken language in the European Union, even ahead of English, Italian of French. The community of German speakers is essentially spread across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, right in the heart of the “Old Continent”.

Since the second half of the 20th century, the famous Franco-German understanding has been a driving force for numerous dynamics in Europe, and the cultural and linguistic exchanges (more than 200 Franco-German twinnings) have been fruitful for the two countries. As have been the economic relations: Germany is France’s largest commercial partner, and inversely, France is Germany’s fourth largest.

There’s no need to say anything more: German has a huge cultural influence and has strong ties to business, which is why numerous companies call on a professional translation agency to develop their business or their partnerships throughout Europe. Is this the case for you as well? TradOnline works exclusively with natiive speakers who translate to their native languages.

Our translation agency is ready and willing to your document translation needs, whether from German to French, French to German, German to English, English to German, or many, many more combinations. Contact us for any questions or quotes related to your translation projects.

The native language of around 460 million people and used by nearly 560 million, Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and the 3rd most spoken language in the world. This Romance Language, also called Castilian, is simply one of the principal languages for international communication, alongside English and French. The Hispanic population, stretching across the two Americas, from Chili to California, is a dynamic demographic that has been seeing a boom in activity, with strong cultural and economic ties with the rest of the world. In diverse sectors from art, tourism, sports and business, Spanish is quickly becoming a crucial language for your company!

Our translation agency is keenly aware of this growth and of the necessity a number of our clients share for the translation of their documents into Spanish, or from Spanish to English, French, etc. In order to ensure a successful translation project in Spanish, it should be noted that we only work with native speakers, a quality that is absolutely necessary to ensure that the linguistic subtleties and cultural references unique to the target country are properly taken into account. Indeed, the Spanish spoken in Madrid isn’t identical to that spoken in Mexico City or Buenos Aires!

Do you need a competent translation service to translation from Spanish to English? English to Spanish? Spanish to French, or French to Spanish? Trust in TradOnline to be by your side, listening to your needs, available, and with a quality guarantee.

Did you know that Portuguese is the most commonly spoken language in the southern hemisphere? This is just one example of the growing influence of this Romance language born from the Iberian Peninsula, and dating back to the 5th century. The sixth most widely spoken language in the world, Portuguese also has the third most native speakers in Europe with 234 million.

No less than 10 countries recognize Portuguese as their official language, including the South American giant, Brazil, which has proven to be an exciting, varied, and growing market, as well as, of course, Portugal itself. Though smaller than its Lusophone cousin in South America, Portugal is a privileged cultural and commercial partner of France. France is the third largest exporter to, and the second largest importer from, Portugal.

The indicators are clear, and show a real need for some of our clients to lead Portuguese translation projects. Thanks to our network of professional, native translators, you have our personal guarantee that the translators behind your document translation projects translate in their fields of experise and into their native language. They are also masters of the idiomatic nuances that are unique to each region: the Portuguese spoken in Lisbon differs from that of São Paulo in various ways (vocabulary, grammar, etc.).

We can take on your translation projects in a number of different language combinations: Portuguese to French, French to Portuguese, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese, etc. Contact our translation agency for a quote, we will handle all your translation projects with the same rigour and quality that you’ve come to expect with TradOnline.

A Romance language born from a Tuscan dialect that then spread across the entire peninsula and its islande, Italian is the fourth most widely spoken language in the European Union, behind English, German, and French. It is the official language of six countries (Italy, the Vatican, San Marino, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia) and counts up to 85 million speakers throughout the world, some 68 million who speak it natively.

While both have their idiomatic particularities, French and Italian are quite similar. Not only do the two countries share a border, as well as the same liguisic roots, France and Italy have enjoyed fruitful commercial exchanges for many years. These two countries are each other’s second largest economic and commercial partners. This also has helped influence investment projects, as France is the largest foreign investor in Italy.

It is a fact: Italian is a essential avenue for a number of actors who are looking to develop their business across the Alps, whether in the tourism industry, luxury goods, fashion, mass-market retailing… the list goes on. The translation of your documents (from your website to commercial documents) into Italian is a necessity, and TradOnline is here to help!

Our translation agency will accompany you on all of your Italian translation projects thanks to our native, professional translators. They are ready to handle whatever project you may have, and the fact they only translate into their native language means you can be fully assured of the quality, down to the smallest details. Contact us for any translation project from Italian to French, French to Italian, Italian to English, English to Italian, etc.

The official language of the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname, Dutch is spoken by more than 30 million people across the globe. This includes some 7 million people in South Africa and Namibia who speak Afrikaans, a language that is similar to, and derived from, Dutch. While you will find a lot of the Germanic source in Dutch, it differs from German in a number of different linguistic aspects (terminology, grammar, vocabulary, etc.). While it’s sphere of influence is smaller than its neighbor to the east, Dutch still has a major advantage: its use in the nerve center of the European Union, which means it has been one of the official languages of the EU since the creation of this political and economic union.

These are a few key figures that illustrate its place among the shared market of the EU: France is, respectively, the 2nd and 3rd largest importer from Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also the 3rd largest exporter to Belgium, and the 7th larget to the Netherlands. These are long-lasting, privileged economic partners, and more and more companies are seeing the logic of translating their documents into Dutch for strategic development to the Benelux region.

If you want to target a new market in Netherlands of Flemish Belgium and want to provide your potential clients with documentation and ever your website in Dutch, our translation agency is here to help you with all your translation projects, thanks to our team of native translators, who translate only into their native language. You’ll therefore be working with qualified professionals and native speakers for all of your document translation from French to Dutch, Dutch to French, English to Dutch, Dutch to English, etc. Contact our project managers for a quote!

The list of the languages we translate doesn’t sotp there! We can translate a huge range of languages, such as: French Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Latin-American Spanish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, Slovenian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and many more!

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