Your spelling mistakes can make your clients go away

The plague of the 21st century: spelling mistakes

As you are probably aware, even native English people make a lot of spelling mistakes, and the companies they work for will know the ill effects of this practice. Strangely enough, even if the general level of spelling skills is dropping, consumers will still be likely to raise an eyebrow when they see a spelling mistake on any given website.

Why, you ask? Well, would you trust a company that blatantly shows its imperfections, that does not take the time to proofread texts – and by doing so, risks irritating its customers? On the other hand, a website with no spelling mistakes shows a certain degree of respect towards the consumer.


This is mostly applicable for e-commerce, and according to the BBC, even one spelling mistake could halve your sales. The sense of immediacy on the internet makes e-commerce sites launch several campaigns in a very short time. As a result, there’s scarcely time left to proofread a text before it goes live. However, this is not always a good idea. What if you had proofread your online texts with the help of our linguists? Would your ROI have been better?

Quality translations? Yes, but not at just any price!

The same applies to translations. More and more e-commerce companies choose low-cost translation solutions, thus risking the style and spelling of the content. Would it be better to launch a localised website in 4 new countries with a low budget for each country, or target just one country/language with a quality translation and great SEO? At TradOnline we believe this second solution would be more realistic if you’re thinking of exporting your product.

This sums it up, if you have a website and need our counsel we’ll happily be there for you!