Translating a Wix site

Par Shane Hartford | 20 September 2022

While internationalization is still a growing market concern for many businesses, a well-developed website and/or online product catalogue is a must if you hope to reach the biggest possible audience. Founded in 2008, TradOnline is specialized in website, document, and video translation, offering bespoke accompaniment whatever your business sector. In order to develop your own […]

Gain time by using our customer portal!

Par Shane Hartford | 3 June 2019

For daily translation needs, find out about a great tool to help you save time and track the advancement of your project via our customer portal.

How to translate your Magento product catalogue

Par Shane Hartford | 27 September 2018

Magento is an open-source solution which launched in 2008; it allows you to set up your online store or stores, if you would like to also sell in different currencies abroad. Magento: 2nd most popular e-commerce solution The strength of Magento is in its community of developers, who are always ready to update connectors, as […]

Personal Data Protection and Machine Translations

Par Shane Hartford | 23 May 2018

Even just a few years ago, we were reticent to use Machine Translation tools like “Google Translate” because we knew that the personal data entered into Google were recorded as a way to “train” the Mountain View, California company’s statistical machine engine. This made it completely unusable for projects with concerns about confidentiality. It turns […]

Price of a translation: 6 points to know to be an expert on the subject

Par Shane Hartford | 4 May 2017

À la question « En combien de temps une traduction peut-elle être prête ? », nous avons répondu, dans un article précédent, que cela dépendait de plusieurs facteurs. Mais qu’en est-il pour la question relative au tarif ? La réponse est la même ! Quels sont alors les facteurs qui déterminent le prix d’un projet de traduction ?

Your translation memory belongs to you!

Par Alice Judéaux | 15 October 2015

Different translation agencies have different policies regarding translation memories (TM). For some of them, the translation memory belongs to the client, and for others, the translation memory only belongs to them. Certain agencies will always deliver TMs using the TMX format to their clients, at the end of a project. Others will send it for […]

What is a translation memory?

Par Alice Judéaux | 7 October 2015

Last April, Alice and Loïc created a video on translation memories. This October, we will explore the subject further to see in what way translation memories can help translation projects: What is a translation memory? Managing a translation memory as seen by a project manager Who does the translation memory belong to? A translator’s view […]

Computer-assisted management at TradOnline

Par Alice Judéaux | 23 September 2015

Today, it’s Jimmy’s turn to talk about the tools we use as project managers here at TradOnline. Hello everyone! After receiving my masters in multilingual translations and multimedia, I first started working as a technical translator. As I am very interested in translation project management, I jumped at the opportunity to work with TradOnline and […]

Why are glossaries vital for translators?

Par Alice Judéaux | 14 December 2011

Müge Yildirim, freelance translator, shares her thoughts on the importance of creating glossaries in order to save time and efforts during our translation activities. Do not hesitate to share your comments on our blog.  Almost all the texts are formed around a certain terminology. While translating technical texts, you definitely need the glossary of the […]