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What are the challenges with influencer marketing and translation?

Par Shane Hartford | 11 April 2022

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a way to create interest in a product or service by harnessing the appeal of a social media “influencer” (blogger, streamer, YouTuber), with their quantifiable number of followers, and paying this person to create a video or ad for their followers. The budget spent on influencer marketing globally […]

Personal Data Protection and Machine Translations

Par Shane Hartford | 23 May 2018

Even just a few years ago, we were reticent to use Machine Translation tools like “Google Translate” because we knew that the personal data entered into Google were recorded as a way to “train” the Mountain View, California company’s statistical machine engine. This made it completely unusable for projects with concerns about confidentiality. It turns […]

On the job training with e-learning: how to make the strategy profitable

Par Shane Hartford | 9 March 2018

Do you have a business that has very recently launched an e-learning strategy and you want your employees to take part in online training? You’re in the right place! We’re going to give you some tips and tricks to make sure your strategy is effective! E-learning: what is the motivation? The first prerequisite for any […]

Translating your website: 8 questions to ask yourself before starting!

Par Mediapilote | 27 February 2018

When thinking about translating your website, the first questions which usually spring to mind are: Does everything need to be translated? Who is the target audience? Where is the target geographical area? But these questions, although important, are not the only ones which must be addressed when launching the translation of a website. Some of […]

Localizing voluminous content: how can you shorten lead times and reduce costs?

Par Shane Hartford | 30 January 2018

It’s an important subject for a number of our e-commerce clients whose priorities are a reduced time-to-market and a global reduction in the cost of internationalizing their website. In the example below, we’ll discuss one of the solutions we offer to clients with voluminous content that they need localized. This example comes from the tourism […]

5 tips to make sure your translation projects go off without a hitch!

Par Shane Hartford | 27 November 2017

Think just anyone can handle your translations? Well, I’m planning to prove the contrary! What’s more, if you don’t take your project seriously enough, you may be in for some disappointments. So, next time you need a successful translation project, think about and implement the following 5 tips to avoid a disaster! 1 – Avoid […]

Technical manuals: reducing the bill

Par Shane Hartford | 15 November 2017

Supprimer le superflu, adapter votre notice aux contraintes internationales, traiter avec un professionnel. Nous vous donnerons toutes les clefs dans l'article ci-dessous!

10 rules for getting the best price for translations

Par Shane Hartford | 13 November 2017

En traduction comme dans tous les autres domaines, plus votre projet est complexe, plus il est chronophage, et plus il est chronophage pour notre équipe, plus il coûtera cher. Pour vous aider à y voir plus clair, vous trouverez ci-dessous 10 facteurs qui impactent le coût de votre traduction.

Web start-ups: TradOnline knows you’ve managed to scale!

Par Shane Hartford | 18 October 2017

In the life-cycle of any start-up, there are a number of phases. The start-ups we have been working with for years now have moved past the launching phase and have entered into a phase of business sustainability, or establishment. This phase is as big a milestone as moving from the start-up phase to the growth […]

Fight against malware: interview with our IT security expert

Par Shane Hartford | 12 October 2017

The start of 2017 was marked by the appearance of ransomware which impacted major French and international organizations. However, even if we all understand the extent of the threat, it is harder for us to understand how it appears. That’s why TradOnline chose to speak with Vincent Philippot about the security of your data. Hello, […]

French SMEs and digitalization: taking stock of 2017

Par Alice Judéaux | 13 June 2017

Taking stock of digitalization for SMEs in France – 2017 International development, technological advancements, increased performance and competition, digitalization of processes, growth. These words go hand and hand, and are absolutely essential for anyone hopign to catch this moving train. The digital economy is rich in opportunities, but taking hold of these opportunities requires a digitial […]

Localizing your website with Transifex and TradOnline

Par Shane Hartford | 9 June 2017

Behind a bit of a mysterious title, hides one of the major issues of our time: exporting our corporate websites to an international audience in order to have access to a larger competitive playing field. It may be easy for some business, with only showcase websites, to translate their online presence; this can rapidly become more […]

How do you create attractive content for your website?

Par Shane Hartford | 16 May 2017

As a translantion agency, we keep in close contact with our customers, many of who share their digital woes with us. The most common problem seems to be creating regular content to keep a site alive and fresh. Many of you know that constant, regular content creation is a great way to keep your site […]

Price of a translation: 6 points to know to be an expert on the subject

Par Shane Hartford | 4 May 2017

À la question « En combien de temps une traduction peut-elle être prête ? », nous avons répondu, dans un article précédent, que cela dépendait de plusieurs facteurs. Mais qu’en est-il pour la question relative au tarif ? La réponse est la même ! Quels sont alors les facteurs qui déterminent le prix d’un projet de traduction ?

Expand your business in the US: 9 tips to get you started

Par Alice Judéaux | 10 February 2016

If you’re an entrepreneur, trying to conquer the US market is most likely on your to-do list when it’s time to expand your company. Being able to reach 300 million people is no joke! Let’s see what you can do to start off on the right foot.

How to internationalise your company

Par Alice Judéaux | 3 February 2016

Are you thinking of going international with your business? In the age of globalisation, you would certainly have a point. New markets mean expanding the playing field and increasing your visibility, your potential customer base, and your sales revenue- as well as your profitability. Not to be overlooked! At the same time, internationalisation is a […]

Your translation memory belongs to you!

Par Alice Judéaux | 15 October 2015

Different translation agencies have different policies regarding translation memories (TM). For some of them, the translation memory belongs to the client, and for others, the translation memory only belongs to them. Certain agencies will always deliver TMs using the TMX format to their clients, at the end of a project. Others will send it for […]

Translate your e-commerce website: 4 tips to pay less for the same quality

Par Alice Judéaux | 20 May 2015

Some of your clients are based abroad, so you’ve decided to make the big step: you’re going to translate your e-commerce website into some major languages. The effect? Not only are your regulars going to love seeing their native language, but this will attract new customers as well. I know, the undecided ones are probably […]