Beware: an inexpensive agency isn’t an incredible agency! #PlannedObsolescence

Par Shane Hartford | 4 December 2017

Many translation agencies offer “cheap” and “fast” services, without the “headache”. But is that good enough? We certainly don’t think so! Buy it nice or buy it twice! If you’ve ever found a hole in a “cheap” sweater after its first pass through the laundry, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Buying a new sweater […]

Web start-ups: TradOnline knows you’ve managed to scale!

Par Shane Hartford | 18 October 2017

In the life-cycle of any start-up, there are a number of phases. The start-ups we have been working with for years now have moved past the launching phase and have entered into a phase of business sustainability, or establishment. This phase is as big a milestone as moving from the start-up phase to the growth […]

French SMEs and digitalization: taking stock of 2017

Par Alice Judéaux | 13 June 2017

Taking stock of digitalization for SMEs in France – 2017 International development, technological advancements, increased performance and competition, digitalization of processes, growth. These words go hand and hand, and are absolutely essential for anyone hopign to catch this moving train. The digital economy is rich in opportunities, but taking hold of these opportunities requires a digitial […]