Alice Recounts Her Holiday Abroad

Par Shane Hartford | 7 September 2021

Once does not a habit make, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to at least recount my personal experience. I’d like to talk to you about my 2021 summer holiday, and more specifically about my road trip to Germany in a fitted van with 2 young children. (Photo of one of our mountain camping […]

All about your project and weighted word counts

Par Shane Hartford | 15 September 2020

For your translation projects, it is important to understand the concept of weighted word counts, which is why we’ve taken the time to write this article on the subject. As a salesperson, I find it is easier to talk about “weighted word counts” because it is a better estimation of the time needed for a […]

Etymology of the 10 largest cities in the European Union (part 2)

Par Shane Hartford | 31 August 2017

It’s been over a month since we published the first part of this post, so I thought it was long past time that we revisit this subject. As a reminder, in part one we covered: London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris. So, let’s pick up where we left off with… The next 5 largest cities […]

Etymology of the 10 largest cities in the European Union (part 1)

Par Shane Hartford | 5 July 2017

After our recent article was written about the etymology of the ten largest cities in France, we came to the conclusion that, while the information was certainly interesting for people passionate about languages, it didn’t make much sense to translate the very French-centric article for our English speaking community.

Bilingual childcare centres: a good idea for our kids?

Par Shane Hartford | 22 May 2017

The idea of French-English bilingual childcare centres is one which has continued to develop over the course of the last ten years. They have already cropped up in large cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille), and little by little, they have been implanting themselves in smaller cities (Toulouse, Angers, Lille)! Despite having a poor reputation as foreign […]

The Chimera of International English

Par Alice Judéaux | 9 December 2015

When a client comes to us with a site internationalisation project, we often get the request to translate into international English- because clients think it will get them the wide audience they desire. Unfortunately, international English is a myth, and we’re going to explain why. International English: where art thou? First of all, let us […]

Job spotlight: FSL interpreter

Par Alice Judéaux | 18 November 2015

Two weeks ago, we helped you get acquainted with French Sign Language or FSL, a language in its own right, signed in France by 100,000 or more deaf or speaking-impaired people. Unfortunately, this language is only rarely used outside the deaf community. In the French administration, in corporations, in the private sphere- few people use […]

French Sign Language: a language in its own right

Par Alice Judéaux | 4 November 2015

As a translation agency, we’re surrounded by the world of languages. We manage numerous translation projects in more than 50 languages. Of course, our clients ask us to translate from French to English, or from English to Italian more often than not, but we also manage Scandinavian, Asian or Arabic language projects. We were even […]

Your spelling mistakes can make your clients go away

Par Alice Judéaux | 24 September 2015

The plague of the 21st century: spelling mistakes As you are probably aware, even native English people make a lot of spelling mistakes, and the companies they work for will know the ill effects of this practice. Strangely enough, even if the general level of spelling skills is dropping, consumers will still be likely to […]