How to translate your Magento product catalogue

Par Shane Hartford | 27 September 2018

Magento is an open-source solution which launched in 2008; it allows you to set up your online store or stores, if you would like to also sell in different currencies abroad. Magento: 2nd most popular e-commerce solution The strength of Magento is in its community of developers, who are always ready to update connectors, as […]

One-off translation of a WordPress site

Par Shane Hartford | 30 August 2018

We’ve had a number of clients contact us looking for to have their website translated. Most of them have no idea how many words there are across their entire site, but they do have access to the back office of their CMS (in this case WordPress). And that’s already a good start! For those who […]

On the job training with e-learning: how to make the strategy profitable

Par Shane Hartford | 9 March 2018

Do you have a business that has very recently launched an e-learning strategy and you want your employees to take part in online training? You’re in the right place! We’re going to give you some tips and tricks to make sure your strategy is effective! E-learning: what is the motivation? The first prerequisite for any […]

5 tips to make sure your translation projects go off without a hitch!

Par Shane Hartford | 27 November 2017

Think just anyone can handle your translations? Well, I’m planning to prove the contrary! What’s more, if you don’t take your project seriously enough, you may be in for some disappointments. So, next time you need a successful translation project, think about and implement the following 5 tips to avoid a disaster! 1 – Avoid […]

How do you create attractive content for your website?

Par Shane Hartford | 16 May 2017

As a translantion agency, we keep in close contact with our customers, many of who share their digital woes with us. The most common problem seems to be creating regular content to keep a site alive and fresh. Many of you know that constant, regular content creation is a great way to keep your site […]

Duration of a translation project: a behind the scenes look

Par Mediapilote | 3 April 2017

When a customer first contacts a translation service provider, they generally ask two questions: how much is the translation going to cost and how long until its ready? The answer: it depends! Unfortunately, there aren’t any ready-made answers for these questions. However, there are certain decisive factors that strongly influence the amount of time it […]

Job spotlight: FSL interpreter

Par Alice Judéaux | 18 November 2015

Two weeks ago, we helped you get acquainted with French Sign Language or FSL, a language in its own right, signed in France by 100,000 or more deaf or speaking-impaired people. Unfortunately, this language is only rarely used outside the deaf community. In the French administration, in corporations, in the private sphere- few people use […]

Your spelling mistakes can make your clients go away

Par Alice Judéaux | 24 September 2015

The plague of the 21st century: spelling mistakes As you are probably aware, even native English people make a lot of spelling mistakes, and the companies they work for will know the ill effects of this practice. Strangely enough, even if the general level of spelling skills is dropping, consumers will still be likely to […]