One-off translation of a WordPress site

30 Aug 2018 | Resources

We’ve had a number of clients contact us looking for to have their website translated. Most of them have no idea how many words there are across their entire site, but they do have access to the back office of their CMS (in this case WordPress). And that’s already a good start!

For those who do not have access to their back office, there’s no reason to worry, your web agency will be able to handle the export, which we will describe below, in your stead.

We are going to explain to you how, in just a few clicks, you can export your content in the best possible format for an optimal translation.

WPML: the multilingual plugin for WordPress

Prerequisite: For your content export to work, it is absolutely necessary to use the WPML plugin for managing the languages on your WordPress site. As it is already used by 90% of WordPress sites, there’s a good chance that you can just pass to the next step 🙂

Next, follow these steps:

  • Connect to your WordPress administrator dashboard, click on WPML in the quick bar (on the left of your screen), then on “Translation Management”.
  • In the “Translation Roles” tab, assign yourself as a “Local Translator” in whatever combination of languages you would like. If these languages are not already listed in your translator profile, select your profile and click on “Edit Languages”.
  • In the “Translation Dashboard” tab, select the pages that you would like to have translated, then click on “Add selected content to translation basket”. WPML will ask you if you would like to have it translated by a local translator. You should respond “yes”.
  • Then, in order to recover your XLIFF file to be translated, click on “translation” from the list to the left of the screen, under the WPML heading. Anything you selected in the Translation Dashboard will be available here, and you will be able to export it all as an Xliff.


Xliff: standard tag language

As this format is a standard exchange format in the translation sector, we can then analyse the content of your website (number of repetitions, new words, etc.) and offer you a quote best suited to your needs.

Thanks to this export, we can also guarantee the implementation of a translation memory, which will then enable future work to be harmonized with existing translations.

This solution is ideal for any company that would like to have its website translated once and for all.

However, if you already know that you will be adding daily content to your website and that this content will have to be translated in real time into several languages, you will have to opt for another solution. Feel free to reach out to us us for more information on this service.