One-off translation of a WordPress site

Par Shane Hartford | 30 August 2018

We’ve had a number of clients contact us looking for to have their website translated. Most of them have no idea how many words there are across their entire site, but they do have access to the back office of their CMS (in this case WordPress). And that’s already a good start! For those who […]

All about machine translation and post-editing!

Par Shane Hartford | 20 March 2018

The post-editing of machine translations is a service that is being offered more and more frequently by translation agencies. And yet, not everyone really knows what it is nor how we can train to be effective at post-edition. Dear translators, you will find a few responses in this article. Definition of machine translation with post […]

Translating e-learning platforms: what skills are needed?

Par Shane Hartford | 15 December 2017

Translating interactive e-learning courses requires a certain specialization because, not only must the translator have a mastery of the domain in question, but they must also have a mastery of the course and platform. What’s more, when the content is educational in nature, any errors are that much more serious. Even the smallest error can […]

10 rules for getting the best price for translations

Par Shane Hartford | 13 November 2017

En traduction comme dans tous les autres domaines, plus votre projet est complexe, plus il est chronophage, et plus il est chronophage pour notre équipe, plus il coûtera cher. Pour vous aider à y voir plus clair, vous trouverez ci-dessous 10 facteurs qui impactent le coût de votre traduction.

Sorosoro: the association that seeks to save rare languages

Par Shane Hartford | 6 November 2017

This article is a little thumbs-up to Sorosoro, an association with the slogan “So the languages of the world may live on”. Why fight for dead languages? Sorosoro’s director, Rozenn Milin, stated in an interview that each language corresponds to a culture, and no matter how small, if it’s snuffed out, the world becomes a […]

Bilingual childcare centres: a good idea for our kids?

Par Shane Hartford | 22 May 2017

The idea of French-English bilingual childcare centres is one which has continued to develop over the course of the last ten years. They have already cropped up in large cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille), and little by little, they have been implanting themselves in smaller cities (Toulouse, Angers, Lille)! Despite having a poor reputation as foreign […]

Duration of a translation project: a behind the scenes look

Par Mediapilote | 3 April 2017

When a customer first contacts a translation service provider, they generally ask two questions: how much is the translation going to cost and how long until its ready? The answer: it depends! Unfortunately, there aren’t any ready-made answers for these questions. However, there are certain decisive factors that strongly influence the amount of time it […]

An interview with Cherry Checkout, the start-up that promotes voluntary donations

Par Mediapilote | 6 September 2016

Hello and welcome Jérémy Grandjean, co-founder and CEO of Cherry Checkout. Along with 2 partners, you contributed in creating this company, whose purpose is to promote voluntary donations every time a purchase is made on a website. To start, could you tell us a bit about yourself and how this project was conceived? Jérémy Grandjean: […]

Logo – TradOnline sheds its skin!

Par Alice Judéaux | 9 March 2016

Our current logo has been with us since 2010 and we got bored with it… just kidding! However, we did find that it didn’t seem to represent TradOnline anymore. This year we decided to change it, so while we’re at it, here’s a short recap of how our branding has evolved over the years.

Expand your business in the US: 9 tips to get you started

Par Alice Judéaux | 10 February 2016

If you’re an entrepreneur, trying to conquer the US market is most likely on your to-do list when it’s time to expand your company. Being able to reach 300 million people is no joke! Let’s see what you can do to start off on the right foot.

COP21: focus on our client I4CE (Institute for Climate Economics)

Par Alice Judéaux | 13 January 2016

The I4CE is a key player on the COP21 scene, and more generally when it comes to environmentally-friendly measures in France. This research institute delivers expert analyses to entities from both the public and private sectors, allowing them to make decisions with regards to reducing carbon emissions. What is the I4CE and how is it […]

TradOnline’s plant picks

Par Alice Judéaux | 6 January 2016

We’ve seen companies talk about the pets they have in their midst, but it’s quite rare that you see plants in the spotlight! So here’s a TradOnline exclusive. This week, we would like to focus on the plants that brighten up our day. Aglaonema: air-filter extraordinaire Also known as Chinese evergreens, our Aglaonema has become […]