Social Networking Campaigns

Social networks have become, today, a crucial avenue for companies and brands that are looking to connect with their clients and take advantage of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) in their development strategy.

Whatever network you use (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, etc.), the communication channel has become a certain necessity. It should be noted that some major actors on these social networks have even begun calling them channels of conversion, and not just communication.

You may have multiple objectives for your presence on these social networks, and your priorities may change over time: increase traffic to your website, brand recognition, and your position on the market, improve sales, entice consumers to your brick and mortar store, etc.

If your brand’s target audience speak English, German, Spanish, or Chinese, you should be sure that you are adressing them in their native language. It is therefore absolutely crucial you translate your content. In some cases, it may be even better to opt for fully rewriting the text through transcreation to ensure that the content is culturally appropriate for your target audience.

Depending on your specific objectives for each project, the team at TradOline will guide and advise you in order to choose the most appropriate language combinations.

Note that on social networks, the language used is often informal and may require the use of a linguistic variant specific to the targeted country.

Our team will then take charge of the translation of your social networking content. Whatever form you use, we can translate it (text, video, images with comments, etc.).

When they want to publish this content on their social networks, our clients entrust us, the most often, with the following type of content:

  • Translation of blog posts;
  • Translations of questionnaires and quizzes;
  • Transcription, translation of audio and video subtitles;
  • Translation and optimization of keywords or hashtags;
  • Translation of white pages, studies, or surveys.

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