Marketing: transcreation at the service of your brand’s promotional challenges

11 Dec 2018 | Our services

You make sure your documents are translated, yet still feel like your message isn’t having the impact it should locally?

You have created editorial advertisements, but you don’t know how to adapt them for an international audience?

Today, we are proud to offer another solution: transcreation.

What is transcreation?

Translation + creation = transcreation

Transcreation is a portmanteau, derived from blending translation and creation, and it’s used to refer to a kind of “creative translation”. A professional translator is charged with translating a text to their native tongue while respecting the source tone, style, intent and context, all while keeping in mind the cultural implications for the target language; a transcreator takes it further. They reinvent the text, adapting it in original, even audacious, ways for the target audience, transmitting and transferring that original and sought-after emotion.

Transcreation: Is it really for you?

In order to answer that question, don’t worry about the sector you’re working in, but rather on the type of document you’d like to have translated. For technical documents, for example, that contain neither emotional appeals nor emotional appeals, a standard translation will certainly suffice. However, for advertisements with similes, idiomatic expressions, double entendres, and general wordplay, not to mention a touch of humour at times, a standard translation may just fall short. The message must be rebuilt from the ground up, using the intent of the original message as the foundations, in order to really impactful in the target country. Turning to transcreation is therefore a necessity when translating documents linked with your marketing, communication, or advertisements (promotional documents, messages on social networks, brochures, press releases for new product launches, just as a few examples).

What are the keys to successful transcreation?

The message you want to transmit is crucial. You take your time, carefully crafting your message, the text is well thought out and designed to be as attractive as possible for your native language clients. The translation must be just as captivating. Trying to execute on such an operation without the help of a trained expert may prove perilous! Special attention must be paid to the images, expressions, even colours, because, from one country to the next, the emotions they evoke may be completely different. In order to find success, it is important to begin anew with the communication brief used during the creation of the original promotional message, defining what idea you wish to promote, which elements are crucial, what message will resonate best with your clients in the target country.

Transcreators generally intervene after the creative concept has been defined, but may take part in the thought process in the original language in order to facilitate the translation thereafter. The physical presence of a transcreator at your sides may prove useful, but isn’t required. However, clear communication between the various parties is an absolute must. Transcreators will generally provide two or three alternatives as well as explanations as to their thought process that may help you make your choice. They may also warn you about using certain translations, colours, or other potential issues that may upset your target audience.

Transcreation: Which linguistic experts should you choose?

The stakes are high; you need a professional translator with multiple strengths: they must be a native of the target language (this cannot be overstated!), with obvious linguistic expertise, overflowing with creativity, an up to date store of cultural references, and strong notions in marketing and drafting promotional content. At TradOnline, we select translators who have proved their skills in these domains. In order to facilitate exchanges and to render the final quality as good as possible, all our transcreators will work in closely with your various departments.