Internal and External Communication

Internal communications allow a company to communicate with their employees, and may respond to a number of objectives: uniting employees and increasing loyalty, passing information, improving motivation, or for training purposes.

For these types of communication, the medium is very important. The nature of the content that needs to be diffused is just as much: we don’t handle regulatory documents in the same way as we handle recreational content. The formats also vary: from service notes in PDFs to subtitled videos integrated into an html newsletter.

The life cycle of the published information is just as disparate.

When it comes to external communications, these have seen a complete upheaval by the advances in digital tools and the different kinds of communications are numerous, and differ depending on the targets, channel of communication, and objectives.

If you’d like to have your content translated, you’ll need a partner you can trust, such as TradOnline, who will know how to follow the formal nature of a CSR Report to the letter, as well as the rules of specific elements of a language, and who will properly adapt the content for the target audience.

The translators selected for these projects are generally chosen in teams with specific knowledge of the content to be translated and the professional domain, as well as a sense for communication. Our project managers will ensure that the translators and proofreaders on your project are a dedicated team in order to maintain stylistic- and terminological consistency, report after report, newsletter after newsletter.

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