Translation of CSR Reports

What is a CSR report (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

CSR reports are generally updated once per year and outline the corporate initiatives and the actions taken in regards to their social, societal, and environmental responsibilities. These reports also cover topics such as sustainable development and global performance (as opposed to simply financial performance).

Certain big, publically traded corporations are legally required to create this document anually. Why? For reasons of transparency: it allows for investors, administrators and all interested parties to know the real, concrete measures taken by these companies in regards to this important subject.

CSR reports and translation: what are the specific challenges?

The translation of CSR reports is a skillset apart. Indeed a CSR report is a key part of corporate communications (intermediate-sized companies and and large corporations alike, as well as some bleeding edge SMEs). It is a reflection of your corporate culture. It is also a process that requires fully committed management, as the copywriting will require synergizing between a number of different positions throughout the company and at every level. Les Ateliers Marge Design, for example, offers innovative solutions and produce, for and with their clients, reports that are impactful and stunning.

The translation of such a report must not take away from the detailed and careful process of creation and drafting. The translation must be an elegant reflection of the very essence of the original text. Translators chosen for this type of translation project must master the specific terminology of marketing texts, as well as socail law, finance, and the environment. TradOnline has developed the habit of mobilizing a team of two to three translators, each specialized in a specific domain for translating Corporate Social Responsibility reports. Upstream, we will generally define with you a style guide as well as a glossary of terms and keywords specific to your corporate culture.

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