TradOnline’s plant picks

6 Jan 2016 | The agency

We’ve seen companies talk about the pets they have in their midst, but it’s quite rare that you see plants in the spotlight! So here’s a TradOnline exclusive. This week, we would like to focus on the plants that brighten up our day.

Aglaonema: air-filter extraordinaire


Also known as Chinese evergreens, our Aglaonema has become one of our most common indoor plant.

It needs little light and isn’t high-maintenance: it’s the perfect plant for our offices!

We still have two lively Chinese evergreens – proof that it is as easy-going as plants come! Our first one was offered to us by Evelyn, a former employee, when we had our first baby arrive (not collectively 🙂 just the first baby among all of the employees).

Arecaceae: the areca palm tree, perfect for beginners


A palm tree is a real hero in the survival game: while we’re on vacation we don’t need to worry about watering it. We know that when we get back, it’ll still be alive and kicking.

On the other hand, given the level of sunlight in Mayenne, there’s no chance of seeing it blossom or fruit.

The areca gives us a good chance of mental escape to a sunny island every time we glance at it. Before leaving TradOnline to go to Australia, Kathryn gave it to us as a gift. So Kathryn, know that we’re taking very good care of your palm tree!

The Ficus tree: a tropical treasure

Ficus Tree

This plant reminds me of my vacations in Australia and its rainforest, though you can’t really compare the sizes found there (they can reach 60 m) with their apartment-friendly brethren.

Here at TradOnline we helped rescue a small ficus tree that was abandoned by its owner. To start with it was in a pitiable state, but soon came to a full recovery, its vital signs are all in order now.

If you also have plants you’ve come to love in your office, you can talk to us about them in the comments! No doubt, we’re not the only ones to offer the green ones a safe haven 🙂