TradOnline: reducing our carbon footprint

27 Jan 2016 | Sustainability, The agency

Many drops make a river, as the saying goes. Under this motto, the TradOnline team is always trying to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Recently we wrote about our project Mon Arbre Ma Tribu, a simple yet effective way to raise environmental awareness. Now let’s take a look at our individual actions at a more local level.

Responsible design: low-energy buildings

TradOnline’s headquarters are based in the heart of Laval’s historical center, in Mayenne. The building itself was entirely refurbished before we settled in, and it is now Energy Class B. Our heating system, as well as the thermostat, were chosen for their energy efficiency.

We rarely ever use our printer: most of our files are in digital format except for some accounting documents. We also switch off our workstations in the evening to avoid meaningless energy consumption.

Getting around: how we travel

We use videoconference tools for most of our meetings, to avoid travel (and thus fuel consumption) when it isn’t necessary. Our clients are aware of this, and do not mind at all. When we do travel, we do it in an eco-friendly way: the train. Public transportation rules!

On the other hand, TradOnline employees can come to work via the bus, and the costs are covered by the company. Actually, some of us just make our way to the office on foot.

If one of us is sick and has a doctor’s appointment close to home, TradOnline gives us the option of working online from home, to avoid time-consuming and energy-wasting round-trips.

At this stage, this is the extent of our good practices to protect the environment. If you have tips or tricks, why not share them with us in the comments? 🙂