10 E-learning Agencies to Discover in 2023

3 Jul 2023 | Tech

How would you like to benefit from personalized support for your digital training projects? This is precisely what E-learning agencies do. They take on a number of tasks like engineering educational curriculum, graphic and multimedia design, and even integration into an LMS platform. We are here to guide you into making the right decisions by providing you with a list of the most popular digital learning agencies.

Top 10 best E-learning agencies


Agence e-learning Callimedia

This e-learning agency provides customized digital learning solutions for companies, administrations and associations.

Callimedia offers complete services ranging from specialized and personalized turnkey digital training, to mobile learning, as well as a reliable, advanced LMS platform, UPility®, perfect for all companies – ISEs, SMEs, large international groups, etc.

Baber Learning

Agence Baber Learning

Baber Learning offers the best e-learning methods such as scripting, adaptive learning, interactive learning activities, case studies and even games.

With these methods, Baber Learning delivers creative content to gain learners’ attention using a specific approach: videos, motion design, illustrations, pictures, sound design…

All of this makes it easier to memorize and effectively develop employees’ skills, whether they are employed in SMEs or multinational companies.

Nell & associés

Agence e-learning Nell & Associés

Nell & Associés is a multifunctional digital learning agency that regroups all the required capacities to guarantee a successful training project.

This agency helps in creating customized training systems with a range of services: designing training curriculum, auditing and diagnosis, comparative studies, etc.

As an expert in audio-visual content, Nell & associés works with illustrators who majored in prestigious art schools. They also have a team of motion designers. This enables them to design high-quality e-learning module videos.


Agence Digital Learning Takoma

Takoma – one of the leaders of digital e-learning in France – creates over 350 educational systems per year.

Takoma excels particularly in training techniques and the restrictions that comes with different devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. They look to offer an optimal user experience, adapted to all needs.

All this is achieved by offering a range of different services: blended learning, serious games, mobile learning, virtual learning, etc.


Agence Video Learning

With a team of 250 artists and experts, VideoLearning supports companies of all sizes in their e-learning projects.

This creative agency specializes in customized digital learning solutions and offers a wide range of services using cutting-edge technologies.

As its name suggests, VideoLearning specializes its expertise in motion design, drone filming and 360° videos, but it also produces all types of interactive content and fun activities.

E-learning Touch’

E-learning Touch’ helps companies showcase their expertise and design innovative and attractive e-learning modules for learners.

With its experienced project managers, the agency offers quality advice on digital learning, as well as adequate solutions for all sectors of activity: banking and finance, institutions and local authorities, health, food processing, etc.

E-learning Touch’ is more than capable in terms of graphics and interactivity – clear and attractive designs that prioritizes relaying comprehensive information while avoiding cognitive clutter.

Tips n’ Learn

Explorers of innovative learning solutions, the experts at Tips n’ Learn create customized e-learning modules that intelligently blend technology and emotion.

The agency always carries out a complete analysis of its client’s needs as e-learning projects raise important issues, both in terms of organization and finance.

When producing and designing training courses, Tips n’ Learn takes special care with the style of the finished product while also ensuring the content is connected to the realities of the field, so learners find the courses both fun and educational.


The training programmes created by the Speedernet teams respond to all the clients’ needs, regardless of the e-learning project.

Speedernet’s courses – inspired from all forms of visual art and narratives – are interactive, innovative and immersive.

This agency specializes in immersive learning, which helps in increasing the learning rate by 30%. This method is effective in allowing learners to have a clear idea of what they will encounter in the field.

WeUp Learning

With more than 950,000 trainees, 5,000 videos and 500 completed projects, WeUp Learning has nothing left to prove in this field.

This e-learning agency provides educational engineers, audio-visual specialists, developers, as well as facilitators whose role is to analyse the training programmes and encourage the learners on a daily basis.

Being an experienced e-Learning agency makes it easier to complete your digital learning project in less than 3 months.

Learny Bloom

Learny Bloom creates bespoke e-learning courses, with digital and audio-visual content that reveals the learners’ full potential.

From making technological decisions to change management, the agency provides advice and support throughout you project. It also helps your staff get to grips with major e-learning production tools, such as Storyline 360, the Articulate 360 suite, Vyond, etc.

Why translate your e-learning courses?

Are you part of an international group? Would you like to introduce your courses to a new audience? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional translation agency to make your educational content accessible to as many people as possible.