The training and education sector, especially that of online learning, has seen a notable rise over the last few years. The recent boom in e-learning is easily explained by a number of factors: accessibility and ease of use, vast variety of subjects and types of training, interactive pedagogical content, possibility to learn at home and at one’s own rythm, cost… the list goes on!

Businesses are using online training more and more often, that is even when they aren’t simply implementing their own e-learning service. This has, of course, led to a need for the translation of pedagogical content in order to increase the audience and extent the reach of the training modules. For international conglomerates, the content may be destined for a wide, international network of employees and thus require translation into multiple languages.

We now offer our translation services to an increasing number of e-learning platforms, notable for SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model, standardized specifications for use in online training platforms) projects. These projects are often complex and group together a wide range of documents to translate, including:

  • HTML files;
  • audio files;
  • video files;
  • multiple choice questionnaires;
  • graphics.

Our specialized translators decrypt these documents, determine what is necessary or not to translate, and then adapt the content for the cultural context of the targeted country, or at least give feedback to the client about possible issues that they can make the necessary changes before translation. And this hands on accompaniment is what distinguishes TradOnline as a reliable and high-quality partner.