Outsourced project management

Having a TradOnline project manager on your side guarantees you’ll get the right help to get your project off the ground, from its analysis through delivery and every step in between.

Role of the project manager:

Our project managers are the go-betweens for our clients and translators. Every project manager can take on up to 50 projects per month for some 30 different clients.

Our project managers make it their personal mission to fully satisfy our clients, and that starts with idenifying and understanding your specific needs.

In short, their role is to ensure your peace of mind, to help meet your objectives, limit the overall cost, and guarantee the quality and leadtime for the projects you’ve validated with TradOnline.

The advantages of outsourced project management:

  • Our project managers have specific and proven experience in managing translation projects. In contrast, we’ve found our clients’ in-house project managers rarely have any real experience when it comes specifically to translation projects, and that these kinds of projects are often take on on top of their already full work loads.

We are more properly prepared to anticipate any possible problems that may arise, and will require less time to complete the process.

  • If your translation needs are an infrequent occurence, that’s all the more reason to outsource the project management and guarantee better profitability.
  • Our project managers will provide you with an external view of your projects that can be extremely useful: it allows you a fresh look on existing processes that may be obsolete and help you optimize your project in terms of quality, cost, and lead time.
  • Our profession is constantly evolving both in practices and in the tools of the trade. If your in-house translators and project managers aren’t continually keeping up-to-date with continuous training, there’s a chance they’ll have missed the newest technologies. TradOnline is constantly on the look out for new technologies and practices.
  • Concentrate on your core business and allow us to manage your translation projects. With TradOnline, you’ll be assured peace of mind.