Multilingual Training Videos for a Client Specialised in Dermo-cosmetics

19 May 2023 | Case Studies

Field: Dermo-cosmetics // personalized skin-tightening and massages

Description of the client’s needs:

A client specialized in dermo-cosmetics, in need of subtitles for a 2.5-hour training video for their local teams, contacted us.

The video, professionally filmed in a studio, was of high quality.

This multilingual project was complicated by the number of languages and the tight deadlines. The request required translation in 15 languages, including some uncommon Asian languages.

The client wanted it all done in only 10 days – the production of the French version as well as translations in all languages.

Project management

Once the overall budget was defined with the client, we had to find solutions in order to optimise the
project within a limited cost and timeframe.

As the client’s budget for this internal training project was limited, we opted for a a tool offering automatic transcripts, with review from a linguist in order to reduce the cost of this process. Then we created the srt files before proceeding with a machine pre-translation, all done within the care of our translators.

Machine translation (MT) is certainly a great time saver. However, using MT for a project restricted in terms of number of characters turned out to be much more complicated than it usually is with other projects. This type of project implies a great amount of editing to ensure the subtitles are correctly displayed and readable in all languages.

Keep in mind that MT would generate incorrect results if the original texts (in srt format) are badly segmented or if the transcription contains too many errors or flaws.

This project was not easy for our team who had to harmonise the subtitles in all the requested languages. In terms of organisation, this project had to be managed meticulously – we had to ensure that the interactions were very fluid and well maintained with the translators and the client throughout the project.


  • Option: transcribing the content automatically
  • The plug-in that gives a preview of the subtitles live on memoQ (our computer-assisted translation tool) to ensure that the subtitles produced will be readable on the video.
  • The glossary provided by the client was of great help

Customer feedback: the service provided complied with the client’s expectations and was delivered
in time.