Localize a website and app in some 30 languages

4 May 2020 | Case Studies

At TradOnline, we enjoy taking on large-scale and challenging projects. So, when a pure player in the music industry reached out to us to translate their platform in some 30 languages, we jumped at the chance! TradOnline never backs down from a challenge: multiple languages, a technical translation platform, that’s what we look forward to. 

Description of client’s needs:

Our client, a French digital distribution platform dedicated to streaming music contacted us to translate their website, app and e-mail marketing campaigns from English to more than 30 localized languages.

Our client has recurrent and ongoing needs: every Tuesday they release a translation session of between 200 and 700 words per language to be translated and quality assured for Thursday afternoon. The translations are processed via Transifex, and online translation management platform, and Google Docs for shared documents.

How does TradOnline manage these kinds of demands?

  • With a dedicated project manager that leads the session like an orchestra conductor!

The more languages there are to translate, the more native translators are needed and the more complicated the management of the project is. Once the procedural steps are defined, the project manager must ensure that each translator adheres to the process. The complexity of the project is only increased when given the short turnaround time, the innumerable client instructions for each string, and the tools that are imposed by the client. It is, therefore, the role of the project manager to ensure that each actor in the process – translators and proofreaders – follows the project instructions and meets the deadlines. TradOnline is also responsible for ensuring the languages are properly translated, employing the terminology approved in the client’s glossary and consistent from one project to the next. And lastly, our project manager plays a support role, lending aid as necessary to the translators and proofreaders in case of issues connecting to the various platforms and tools.

  • With better quality control to avoid any false notes!

To ensure a quality translation and consistent terminology usage, we have an internal staff member that is designated to run quality controls. They also play an important role in the overall quality of our deliverables. For each language, they must ensure all instructions were respected, suggestions for improvement implemented, and the pre-approved terminology applied across projects.

In summary, the project manager is the conductor of our little orchestra, playling a key role in this large-scale project with a number of stakeholders, and Quality Assurance is a crucial step to ensure the translations are up to client’s high standards.

The TradOnline plus:

Availability and an attentiveness to our client’s needs that are without equal

TradOnline has a lot of experience with multi-language localization projects. Our team regularly reaches out to all interested parties to inform them of eventual changes that need to be carried out, procedural updates, or simply to check in and see how things are going. If the client becomes unsatisfied with one of the dedicated resources, TradOnline will intervene to improve the deliverables, and replace them if necessary.

The advice of TradOnline:

For such a large-scale project, the best advice is to carefully choose and test the teams that will be assigned and to fill them in on your needs upstream. It is important they can take the necessary time to familiarize themselves with the various platforms as well as the customer’s needs, instructions and requested lead times before they begin the translations.

It’s also important to take a step back from time to time to review the practices that have been put in place and improve upon and simplify the processes for all the stakeholders.

The project in one word?


Being available and planning ahead, because the deadlines are short: you have to know how to react quickly and plan for any possible delays.

To conclude, our client has remained satisfied with the translations provided to date, as well as the coherency between each project. They’ve also been happy with our constant questioning of and willingness to improve and simplify the processes. Aware of the difficulties that can be present in this type of project, they’ve underlined our efforts put towards facing the eventual unforeseen circumstances that can arise (delays from certain teams or replacing translators as necessary).