How TradOnline invoices clients

16 Sep 2015 | Our services

Today we will be talking about how TradOnline invoices its clients.

When do we invoice our clients?

In most cases, we invoice our clients once the project is over. There are exceptions however.

  • For some of our clients who send us several requests each month, it’s easier for everyone that we invoice once per month.
  • Another exception is for clients who work with purchase orders. We must wait until we receive these POs before invoicing.
  • Lastly, in the case of a “pack” (a flat rate for a certain number of words), we send the invoice once the quote is accepted, and it should be settled upon reception.

When do we ask for a deposit?

A deposit fee is a sum of money paid before a project is launched. We ask this for any project from a first-time client starting from 1000 euros, as well as for any project received from any client, worth over 2000 euros.

How do we send invoices?

We send invoices via email to the person who requested the translation. Ideally, we’d also be in contact with an accountant from your organisation, to ensure that the invoices are dealt with in a timely fashion.

Only in exceptional cases are the invoices are sent via post, because we do care about the environment after all!