COP21: focus on our client I4CE (Institute for Climate Economics)

13 Jan 2016 | Case Studies, News, Sustainability

The I4CE is a key player on the COP21 scene, and more generally when it comes to environmentally-friendly measures in France. This research institute delivers expert analyses to entities from both the public and private sectors, allowing them to make decisions with regards to reducing carbon emissions.

What is the I4CE and how is it linked to COP21?

Cop 21 et I4CE

A little history: I4CE, formerly known as CDC-Climat, changed its name in November 2015 following the Caisse des Dépôts and the AFD (the French Development Agency) cofounding a climate research centre.

The goal of this co-creation, which took place several months before COP21, consisted in supplying France with the data which would favour reaching a climate deal during COP21.

I4CE’s mission is to study how it can help companies, countries, and financial players veer towards more environmentally-friendly practices.

Where TradOnline comes in

It’s quite natural then, that I4CE publishes reports that need translating, mostly into English. This is where TradOnline comes in. Aline Sesia, our project manager who takes care of this client’s projects, receives papers, popular articles, and other types of files to translate.

The two main requirements related to this type of project are: following the initially-established glossary, and using the same translators to keep the style coherent. As for the indispensable qualities in working with this client? Rigour, organisation, responsiveness, and last but not least, linguistic quality.

Quality and terminology are fundamentally important parts of our work with I4CE, so at the end of a project we receive the changes they made internally, so the translators can analyse them and focus on the client’s demands for the next project.

Aline’s four years of experience at TradOnline, as well as the various clients coming from the environmental sector that she manages, made her the best candidate for this task.

Want to find out more?

If you represent a company wondering how to make itself more environmentally-friendly, you can contact I4CE directly, and the nice people over there will know how to help you.

COP21 got you curious to find out more on climate change research? If so, you can visit I4CE’s website to check out their projects or their news.

You may also want to join their list of partners, from both the public and private sectors.