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planter son projet de traduction

5 tips to make sure your translation projects go off without a hitch!

Think just anyone can handle your translations? Well, I’m planning to prove the contrary! What’s more, if you don’t take your project seriously enough, you may be in for some disappointments. So, next time you need a successful translation project, think about and...
vieille notice technique

Technical manuals: reducing the bill

Supprimer le superflu, adapter votre notice aux contraintes internationales, traiter avec un professionnel. Nous vous donnerons toutes les clefs dans l’article ci-dessous!

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optimisation coût traduction

10 rules for getting the best price for translations

En traduction comme dans tous les autres domaines, plus votre projet est complexe, plus il est chronophage, et plus il est chronophage pour notre équipe, plus il coûtera cher.

Pour vous aider à y voir plus clair, vous trouverez ci-dessous 10 facteurs qui impactent le coût de votre traduction.

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cultivate diversity

Sorosoro: the association that seeks to save rare languages

This article is a little thumbs-up to Sorosoro, an association with the slogan "So the languages of the world may live on".   Why fight for dead languages? Sorosoro’s director, Rozenn Milin, stated in an interview that each language corresponds to a culture, and no...

Our Services



Specialised Translations

Translations for marketing, the medical field, or even for engineering: for every type of content its translator!

If you have any of these types of content to translate, come see what we at TradOnline can do to help respond to your issues.


Web Translation

What business today doesn’t publish content online? Whether through some sort of software, a showcase website, an e-commerce site, or even a mobile app, online presence is an absolute must today. The Internet allows businesses to cross borders and find new clients, partners, or even employees.
Your site, by its content as much as by its design, should reflect your image and your core values. In order have a successful launch with new markets or contacts, a perfectly translated and adapted website or application is a necessity.

Audiovisual Transltion

At TradOnline, we understand that audiovisual projects are important to you. They are great tools for communication and represent a fair portion of your communication budget. That’s why our team is on hand to listen to your needs and give you the most pertinent advice. 

Are you the communications or marketing manager, the president of a company, or even an indy film-maker?
If you want to record voice-overs, or subtitles, or simply have audio or video content transcribed, we can help you!

traduction juridique

Legal and financial translation

TradOnline handles the translation of your legal and financial documents in some sixty language combinations. Legal translations and financial translations are very particular domains which require specific terminological knowledge in order to guarantee the final quality of your documents.

Rigor is the keyword in this discipline, which leaves no room for error and has large and important ramifications.

traduction assermentee

Sworn Translation

A sworn translation, or a certified translation, is regulated by a court of appeals. A sworn translator is an expert appointed by their nearest court of appeals. They are thus authorised to translate any official, legal document and affix their seal to guarantee its authenticity.


Simplified translation platform

Whether you need a tool for tracking your translation projects or something a little more robust to facilitate the management of your company’s multilingual projects, our translation platform is made with you in mind.


Interpretation and traduction are often (incorrectly) used interchangeably. Translation is a written process, while interpretation is verbal. Interpretation can fall under three different forms, depending on the context:

  • consecutive interpreting;
  • simultaneous interpreting;
  • liaison interpreting.

TradOnline will help guide you to the most appropriate solution.

Language audit

Was your website translated into multiple languages? The primary language version changed and some translated content no longer corresponds? Your website was translated internally and you’d like to verify its quality?
TradOnline is here with a language auditing service to verify your content and translations and improve upon them when necessary.



You have a translated document in your hands (whether you know where it came from or not), and you would like to have it proofread in order to verify the quality, and revise it if needed? TradOnline can offer you two types of services: proofreading or revision. Depending on the quality of the document, one or the other of these options will be possible.


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Translation troubles?

Call on our super Project Managers for a complete and personalized solution.

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Looking for advice?

Are you a Marketing, HR, or Project Manager for a consulting agency, and you’re looking for somewhere to start?

Explain your issues to us, and we’ll do everything we can to solve them:


Reach us by phone or e-mail Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6pm.
Office: +33 (0)2 43 53 52 41
Or, if you’re already in contact with one of our Project Managers, you can reach them on their business lines.

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