Ou sectors of activity

Pure players

A pure play company is a business that only focusses on a single core product or activity. Specifically, we refer to e-commerce actors as pure players because they only sell online, via the Internet. This notion and the number of online retailers has seen a boom with the changes in digital tools and uses, to the point it has revolutionized many traditional markets.

Online sales sites, streaming platforms, dating sites, mobile apps, information media, etc. Pure players have become essential market actors, and some have even been developing internationally.

And this is precisely why online business seeing constant growth often have neeed of translation services, and often in a wide range of languages in order to benefit from their entire network of customers and prospects. Over the last few years, we at TradOnline have created strong links of priviliged collaboration with certain renowned actors of the web. These clients have entrusted the team at TradOnline with the entirety of their web content, such as:

  • websites;
  • mobile apps;
  • newsletters.

For this type of service, the challenge for our team of specialized translators is to be highly reactive – new online content is published regularly, and in a large number of languages, as many as thirty for some of our clients. We meet these challenges every day in our translation agency, thank to the experience and rigour that TradOnline has come to be known for.