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As the sale of smartphones continues to rise unabated across the developing and developed world, mobile apps offering services or e-commerce products are more and more commonplace. Many businesses, from mom and pop shops right up to major international corporations have taken to developing their own apps in order to provide a more ergonomic interface and a better customer experience.

If you or your business has decided to create a mobile app, make sure part of your roadmap includes translation! It will help increase visibility and downloads.

TradOnline is here to help with the translation of your mobile apps.

Help increase your download rate with localization

By providing your mobile app in multiple languages, you’ll have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience of potential clients. If you think that, across the world, there are more than a billion smartphone users, translation seems like an obvious choice!

By translating your app, you increase the chances that it is downloaded and thus increase the chance for greater earnings.

And, studies have shown that providing a potential client with an interface in their native language increases the chance of purchases being made, improves customer loyalty, and creates a better customer experience overall.

iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone: translate your apps for any system

If your system is available on multiple mobile platforms and devices, don’t fret! The TradOnline team has experience with all kinds of file formats (.strings, .po, .resx, .apk, etc.) and our professional translators know the ins and outs and technical challenges associated with the:.

What are the specific challenges/requirements for app translations?

Translating a mobile app requires a certain amount of creativity. In fact, one of the greatest challenges a translator will face is accounting for the difference between the target and source text length in number of words and characters.

Knowing that, on average, the difference between English and French is about 20%, and the difference between German and French is more like 30%, it’s easy to see why keeping around the same number of characters can be a huge source of complications for translators!

TradOnline’s translators, to whom we confer these kinds of translations, are used to the problems that may arise and have proven their ingenuity in finding creative and relevant solutions.


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