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The translation of an e-commerce site is different from the translation of a corporate or showcase site. For a merchant site, a relationship of trust with buyers and a sense of closeness are crucial to success. One or two errors in a translation can put off web users and make you lose sales.

Whether you want to reach out to the world and cater to an already-existing clientele in other countries or develop business in new markets, TradOnline provides an all-in-one solution for translating your e-commerce site, which naturally factors in good SEO practices!

Efficient translation of product catalogues

A well-structured catalogue contains numerous repetitions (descriptions of sizes, colours, formats, materials, etc.). Thanks to a highly efficient CAT (computer assisted translation) tool, we can identify this repeated content, deal with it once and for all and duplicate it, without you needing to process your data in any particular way.

As well as this computerised processing, our project managers use their expertise in order to optimise your files. You thus gain in terms of money and quality alike!

A multi-media translation

On top of your catalogue, do you have webpages, general conditions of sale or transaction emails to translate? Our Project Managers are skilled in several e-commerce platforms (Prestashop, Magento and others) and can provide a translation directly onto your tool, in order to avoid a sometimes cumbersome integration process or the unnecessary processing of already compatible file formats (particularly HTML).

A translation geared to optimisation

Being well-positioned on search engines used abroad will enable you to stand out and increase your sales. Our translators, trained in SEO techniques, can provide an appropriate translation of your keywords, and attract particular attention to internal URLs, descriptive tags and metadata.

Translation for the long-term

Is your catalogue constantly changing? We support you in the long-term. We can optimise the process through our CAT tools, as when we initially translate your catalogue we create a translation memory of all the existing content. This will serve as a basis for subsequent translations, thus optimising costs and deadlines.

Localised translation

Translating an e-commerce site always involves choosing a country or geographical zone, because certain logistics need to be introduced in response to this new international clientele. Localising consists in adapting the text to the target market, paying attention to measurement units, means of payment, date formats, monetary units and cultural references. But rest assured: we can guide you through this thorny maze!

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