Translation of Mobile Apps

With the unprecedented numbers of smartphones across the globe, apps offering services or dedicated to e-commerce have become more and more widespread. Many businesses are developing their own apps in order to offer a more user-friendly mobile experience to their clients.

If you and your business have decided to create a mobile app, start thinking about how to offered a translated version to your users; it will certainly help your visibility and the number of downloads.

TradOnline is here to help you with the translation of your mobile apps.

Improve your chances of having your app downloaded by localizing it to your target market

By offering your mobile app in multiple languages, you give yourself the opportunity to reach the largest number of potential client. If you think that there are more than a billion smartphone users across the globe, the question of whether or not to translate your question answers itself!

By translating you app, you increase the chances that it will be downloaded and the possible return on your investment. What’s more, offering your potential clients a platform in their native language unquestionably provides a better user experience.

iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone: translate your apps, whatever the device

Is your app available on multiple mobile operating systems and platforms? The team at TradOnline are experienced in all kinds of file formats (.strings, .po, .resx, .apk, etc.) and our translators are fully knowledgeable about the technical constraints these files may present.

What are the differences when translating a mobile app?

Translating a mobile app demands creativity. One of the major sticking points when translating these kinds of projects is the difference in length between target and source languages.

When we consider that, on average, there is a difference of about 20% from English to French, and about 30% from German to French, it is quickly apparent why the translators are required to display some creative flexibility in their translation, to keep the message the same while remaining roughly equivalent to the number of characters in the source.

Our translators at TradOnline who have experience with mobile app translations are keenly aware of these projects and have proven their creative problem solving.