Legal and Financial Translations

TradOnline will translate your legal and financial documents in some sixty language combinations.

Legal translations and financial translations are very specific domains, requiring specific knowledge of the correct terms to be employed in order to guarantee the final quality of your documents.

Meticulousness is the key word here, as there in no room for error with such strategic challenges at play.

Legal and Financial translations: required technical and linguistic knowledge

Legal translations and financial translations are two particular types of translation requiring very specific knowledge; and this is true both for the technical aspects as well as the linguistic.

It isn’t rare to find copywriting within a financial or legal report.

Our financial and legal translators only translate these kinds of documents. More than just a nine-to-five, this is their passion.

They know down to the smallest detail the legal and financial terms and concepts that are industry standard.

Financial and legal translation: what do we look for in a translator?

Here are some prerequisites for a good legal or financial translator:

  • Have a degree in the specific domain or have work experience in that domain;
  • Have knowledge of where to find information in case of any doubts;
  • Have significant experience in the domain of legal or financial translation.

Once you have sent us a legal or financial document to translate, TradOnline sets the wheels in motion to ensure we choose the right translator and proof reader, who are the best fit for your project.

In order to guarantee the best possible translation, we involve our professional translators from the start. They will verify upstream the technicity of your request.

Our rates are calculated on a case by case basis depending on the documents transmitted to us and reflect the technicity of the request. With TradOnline, there are no last minute surprises!

As with any other project, TradOnline can, if necessary, implement a specific client-by-client glossary allowing for optimal consistency in the terms employed from one project to the next.

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