Well-being, Health and Cosmetics

While the well-being, health, and cosmetic sectors are comprised of very different professions and trades, they require similar skill sets when it comes to translations: the use of very specific terminology, perfect technical knowledge, and irreproachable precision. When it comes to health in the widest sense, expertise is required and all approximations are strictly prohibited.

Whether the documents are meant for health professionals or consumers, the translations for medical professions or the cosmetic sector require “surgical” precision. Of course, there are nuances in each of these as, of course, the problems are not exactly the same.

Thus, the medical and health sector require, above all, medical expertise as well as extremely pointed knowledge. Concerning well-being and cosmetics, the terminology used must be able to associate scientific, pharmaceutical and reglementary data, all the while taking into account the marketing and commercial aspect. In other words, it is the job of the translators to combine technical savvy with a marketing twist!

For our clients in the health, well-being, and cosmetic sectors, we translate a number of types of documents, including:

  • product descriptions;
  • instructions for use;
  • reglementary documents;
  • scientific publications.

It’s this same necessity for exactitude and exemplary work methodology that drives our clients to call on TradOnline for their translation needs, from pharmaceutical labs to cosmetic chain-stores or even scientific researchers. All have found in the work of our specialized translators the precise skills and attention to detail required for their particular sector.