Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality sectors require, by their very nature, multilingual supports and are very exigent when it comes to the art of translation. This is crucial as it is often the link between the tourist and their destination of choice.

In the context of a globalized tourism industry that has been booming over recent years, with an international clientele who have become increasingly habituated to excellence in service, professional actors in the industry now need, more than ever, quality tools and documentation in a wide variety of languages. In order to target new prospects, build their international image, or optimize their visibility in this digital age, customers from every walk of like must be able to access content in numerous different media, and in numerous languages. We translate every type of document for our clients in the tourism and hospitality sector, including:

  • websites;
  • mobile apps;
  • travel brochures;
  • travel guides;
  • menus;
  • ads;
  • press releases.

While translations for the tourism industry aren’t considered to be technical translation, it is no less specialized and rich in nuances. On top of this, quality is an essential characteristic: a translator must go above and beyond a simple, literal translation to adapt the message to the cultural and linguistic context of the targeted clients. The readers, in most circumstance, mustn’t even realize that the media passed through the hands of a translator! A fluid translation and a mastery of the codes and uses unique to each language are integral parts of our services for the tourism and hospitality industry. Our clients (hotel chains, campsite, etc.) entrust us over and over again with their translation needs in this global sector.