A sector with a wide, and extremely competitive international market, the ready-to-wear sector brings together actors and clients from the four corners of the globe. It is also a market in constant flux, subject to evolutions in the trends. When it comes to translation, the ready-to-wear sector requires adherence to precise rules, with extreme exigencies, monitoring, and creativity.

In the image of the trends and seasons that shap the ready-to-wear collections, it is up to the translators to seize the current trends and fashions, but also to remain consistent with the values and the image of the brand as the message is carried internationally. The artistic vision and brand identity are unique to the brand or designer, whether they are made for luxury wear or for more mass-market retailing: it is absolutely crucial to carry the spirit and the unique identity of the brand during translation, all the while respecting the cultural context of the target markets, which are by definition numerous and varied is a sector that is so strongly international.

We translate a wide and varied range of documents in the ready-to-wear sector, including:

  • website and online boutiques;
  • catalogues and lookbooks;
  • product descriptions for clothing and accessories;
  • commercial presentations and sales campaigns;
  • newsletters and press releases.

Our team of specialized translators are fully competent in the challenges of PR and marketing strategies, but they’re also capable of translating more technical documents. Some require the use of a very specific vocabulary and in-depth knowledge of the production and new, innovative technologies in the textile industry. Working with TradOnline is an assurance of the quality of your bespoke translations for ready-to-wear professionals.