Marketing and Communication

Marketing and public relations strategies are more essential than ever to companies looking to develop their brand image and seize new commercial opportunities. In a context of an increasing flow of international exchanges, more of these brands are looking to connect with translation agencies, whether to accompany them in the launch of a new product, or simply to increase their brand notoriety amongst a global population.

While marketing translation may not technically be a “technical” translation, it is yet a very particular practice with specific and strict requirements when it comes to adaptation for the target market, to the writing style, to creative sensibilities, and to the in-depth knowledge of the sector. Slogans and marketing campaigns require an integration of cultural references, for example, of each and every target country, and perhaps multiple idiomatic alternatives to marketing hooks and other word play. Mistranslations are thus a constant worry!

But there’s no risk at TradOnline, thank to the professionalist and experience of our team of native, specialized translators. We translate a large variety of content and documents, including:

  • marketing strategies;
  • baselines ;
  • marketing hooks;
  • press releases;
  • brand identity files;
  • audit reports;
  • etc.

Numerous PR, marketing, and consulting firms regularly call on our translation services for the needs of their clients, whether for start-ups going through rapid expansion or more established companies with a foothold on international markets.