Furniture and Household Equipment

Household equipment and furniture is a dynamic sector: the market has indeed been constistently growing over the last few years, supported by innovations and boosted by online sales. Whenever we’re talking about such a dynamic sector, there is a chance for a larger audience, a strong potential for export, and thus, a need for the businesses to call on a translation agency to help them in their international development.

The sectors of home appliances, cookery, home computers and household equipment is strongly tied to furniture brands. This is exactly the field in which TradOnline has acquired enormous experience over the last few years. A number of major furniture groups, both French and foreign, who have seen increasing development in their exports, have confided a large portion, even the entirety, of their translation needs to us. This global service includes a wide range of documents:

  • websites;
  • catalogues;
  • product descriptions;
  • technical specifications;
  • press releases;
  • building instructions.

As we’re talking about, principally, equipment and furniture destined for use in homes, the marketing aspect plays a crucial role in the translation and adaptation of content for prospects in targeted countries, which our team of translators systematically tak into account, with professionalism recognized by our loyal clients in the sector.