Engineering and Construction

There are a number of business sectors and work environments that use technical jargon on a daily basis: industrial engineering, construction, civil engineering, electronics, chemistry, the aeronautic industry, and innumerable other. This very specific terminology, unique to a technical field requiring years of study, is as commonly found in everyday speech on-site as it is in work-related documents, studies, and reports.

This vast field of documentation needs precise, reliable translation that follows the proper forms when the business is exported across borders. While the term “technical translation” is a vast umbrella covering numerous specialities and professions, each different from the others, they all share require linguistic- and technical knowledge. In other words, you can’t just wake up one day and decide you’re a technical translator, and at TradOnline we know it.

That’s why our translators specialized in translation services we refer to as “technical” are all very experienced with solid first-hand knowledge in the technical fields. Numerous clients from the construction and industrial engineering sectors regularly entrust us with a diverse range of documents, including:

  • notices;
  • calls for tender;
  • marketing material;
  • technical studies;
  • audit reports;
  • etc.

Contact our translation agency for any technical translation project in the construction, engineering, industrial, or electrical sectors. We’ll accompany you through each step of the project, to ensure we meet your expectiations and the specific requirements of your activity sector and your international development.