Sworn translation




Sworn translation, or certified translation, is regulated by the Appeal Court in France.

Sworn translators are experts accredited by the Appeal Court closest to them. This means that they are authorised to translate any formal legal document and stamp it to guarantee its authenticity.

In addition to sworn translation, TradOnline can legalise a document for you, but does not deal with requests for an “apostille” (special certificate).

Certified translation

Certified translation is a service used by both private individuals and companies.

There is a long list of documents for which a government agency can require a certified translation.

With private individuals, we often translate birth certificates, diplomas and extracts from police records.

With companies, translations tend to involve notarised documents and certificates of incorporation.

When you approach us with a request of this kind, we ask you to carefully check the terms set by the government agency. Most of the time we can work from copies of your official documents, but some countries require originals to be used. It is best to be sure in advance, rather than find yourself in facing frustrating administrative delays.

Please note: a certified translation can take longer than a standard translation, because you need to plan extra time for delivery by post.

On request, we can provide you with a scanned copy of a sworn document before it is delivered by post.


Sometimes, with certain documents intended for foreign authorities, the signature of a sworn translator needs to be certified by a signature authentication certificate.

In France it involves a simple formality. Our sworn translator just has to have his or her signature authenticated at the local town hall, thus making it legal, before starting the translation.

A chamber of commerce or a notary can also authenticate this signature.

The sworn translator’s capacity is thus recognised and confirmed by the French state’s official stamp.

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