Marketing translation

It is crucial to have a dependable translation of your marketing texts, not only for your image but also to drive home the initial message you wish to convey. The translation of marketing texts requires not only linguistic skills but also an ability to adapt, and sound good sense.

Some consider marketing translation as the work of non-specialist translators. This is not TradOnline’s view. Translating a specific message conveyed through an advertisement, slogan or brochure requires the ability above all to understand the target of this message, and the product or service on offer.

Translating marketing documents: quality is essential

The translation of marketing documents is crucially important for any company. Whether these documents are for internal or external use, a bad translation can have a negative effect on the company’s image.

Within the company, marketing documents are used to convey instructions and guidelines to all the staff in its subsidiaries.

Outside the company, these documents are designed for potential clients, and their purpose is to retain these clients’ attention and interest.

A bad translation can rub off on the company and seriously undermine an advertising campaign.

Marketing: a field of translation in its own right

TradOnline calls on translators who specialise in marketing to translate your documents. This type of work involves mechanisms that are not necessarily used in technical translation.

A translator specialising in marketing must be able to adapt the translation to reflect a particular culture, particularly as regards play on words or humour.

To get a clear picture of what you want from a translation, our project managers have drawn up a questionnaire to help us pinpoint the content of the marketing message you want to convey.

Translating advertising catch lines

TradOnline specialises in the translation of catch lines and slogans.

Translators working in this field factor in a precise marketing brief, and put forward several different translations.

This type of translation requires basic knowledge of communication and advertising in order to understand this type of task, do the job and suggest efficient catchphrases.

To create a localised slogan, we take the following into account:

  • cultural and historical references
  • the impact of current events of the last few years on the collective imagination of the country’s residents
  • the way in which messages, humour and political/religious references are received
  • current colour associations.

Our great asset lies in having several native-language translators on hand. With the help of an analysis grid and points of reference, they provide two or three different localised versions of the initial slogan. We can thus provide our clients with different translations/adaptations for each slogan, and help them in their final choice.

Several clients have confidence in our skills and regularly come to us for their international advertising campaigns.

Marketing translation: what kind of translator is required?

A marketing translation is just as complex as a technical translation, because it is far more than a word-to-word translation.

The translator needs to be able to write in a style that can be tailored to the values of the company we are working for.

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