Specialised translation



Is your line of business quite specialized or unique? Do you need to have documents or content translated, but are afraid that a translator will not be able to deal with the content?
No need to panic! At TradOnline, we have numerous translators who are specialized in a wide range of business areas.

As well as being familiar with the terminology related to your business, they will never hesitate to ask us if they have questions. It is important to thoroughly understand what one translates in order to produce a high-quality result.

How does TradOnline choose its translators?

We have been working with some of our translators for over ten years, and the quality of their work goes without saying.

Sometimes we need to take on other translators in response to our ever-growing business. The same process applies regardless of whether we are recruiting technical translators or non-specialist translators.

We study the CVs we receive very carefully, and only select translators with considerable experience in the required sector. After getting through this first stage, translators then have to take language tests to prove their expertise.

This means that we always work with the best translators and have satisfied customers.

Looking for more information?

Questions about your translation project? Feel free to reach out to our Project Managers!