Desktop Publishing

What is desktop publishing (DTP)?

Dektop publishing is the creation of documents destined for printing using specific page formatting software.

Our service includes both translation and page formatting to provide you with an identical document for your media.

TradOnline boasts a desktop publishing service that will save you time on the internationalization of your communication and advertizing media.

We are able to treat your InDesign projects, and of course, for any other types of file formats, don’t hesitate to ask!

In what instances are we able to offer a desktop publishing service?

Multiple cases exist:

  • The source project was created using InDesign. In this case, we will treat a direct .idml export file. We will provide you with a complete file including the full font and link pack including a .indd file, and the imdl source and translation. Our service can even verify the resizing of text elements to fit into your scheme. We will provide you with a low-definition PDF to validate the design before sending you the final native files and high-definition PDF ready for printing.
  • The source file was created in another desktop publishing application (Illustrator, etc.). We will translate the text on Word before manually reintegrating the contect. As with the previous instance, we will provide you with a low-definition PDF to be validated before final delivery of the native file and high-definition PDF.
  • The source file is a non-editable PDF. First, we will have to extract the text before eventually translating the source content via Word. The finalized content (PDF and Word document) will be sent to out so that our designer can reproduce an identical file. Obviously this solution is more time-intensive and thus more costly. We therefore recommend our clients verify if they can obtain the native files before moving forward with this solution. This will save you both time and money!

Final validation of the press-ready document

When we undertake a desktop publishing project, we systematically send you a low-definition PDF for final corrections and validation of the page formatting before sending you the press-ready PDF. We undertake to finalize all demands in one to two communications between the client and our graphical designer before providing you with the press-ready fil.

If you are going to be processing your desktop publishing project internally, we ask that you sendn us a low-definition PDF as well that our translators may verify that the translations are complete and correct in the final product. Although this step may be very quickly accomplished, it remains, nevertheless, a critical step to ensure that the line-breaks are correct and that the product adheres to your graphical charter. It is all the more important for non-latin alphabetic languages (Cyrillic, or Korean for example).

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