CAT Tools

Which CAT tools do we use at TradOnline?

We work with one of the best tools currently available on the market, memoQ Server Edition.

As not all of our translators have extensive experience with or fully mastered memoQ, we also use SDL Trados Studio 2017, another market standard in the translation sector, and a top competitor of memoQ.

Why do we use CAT tools such as memoQ ou Trados?

A Computer-Assisted Translation tool (CAT) allows us to improve the quality, and above all consistency, of translation, all the while reducing leadtimes and translations costs.

In short, they allow us to progressively create glossaries and translation memories that reinforce the quality and consistency of translations over time.

Advantage of memoQ Server:

  • Allows multiple translators to work together on the same file at the same time while guaranteeing synergy in their translations thanks to a shared tanslation memory and term base and effective communication tools.
    • Every segment translated and validated by a translator is immediately available to the other translators.
  • Allows for precise quality control.
  • Ability to treat a large number of file formats and implement adapted filters for even the most complex formats that isolate the content to be translated.
  • Allows us to update translation memories and include client returns if necessary.

This all enables us to save time, optimize costs, and improve the overall quality of translations.

Feel free to call us if you’d like to learn more, we’ll be happy to go over all the possibilities afforded by our CAT tools. The numerous plug-ins and APIs provide a nearly limitless number of uses.

Want to know more about memoQ? Take a look and the publisher’s website, Kilgray.

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