Legal and financial translation



TradOnline can deal with any legal and financial documents you need to have translated, in some 60 language combinations.

Legal and financial translations are highly singular areas which require familiarity with the terminology to ensure that your documents are of high quality.

Precision is the watchword for this discipline, which leaves no room for error as the stakes are high.

Legal and financial translation: the technical and linguistic skills required

Legal translation and financial translation both require highly-developed translating skills in terms of technical knowledge and language ability.

It is not uncommon to find editorial content in a financial or legal report.

Our legal and financial translators only translate this type of document. It is more than just a job to them, it is a passion.

They are familiar with highly specialised terms and concepts in the legal and financial fields.

Legal and financial translation: what translator profile is required?

A good legal or financial translator must:

  • have studied the field in question, or have worked in that field
  • know where to find the right resources if in doubt
  • have significant experience in the field of legal or financial translation

When you send us a legal or financial text for translation, TradOnline does everything it can to select the most suitable translator and reviewer for your project.

From the outset, to guarantee a top-quality translation, we involve skilled translators who check the technical nature of your request in advance. Our prices are thus calculated case-by-case, depending on the documents submitted, and they reflect the technical level of your request. With TradOnline, there are no unpleasant last-minute surprises!

As with any other project, TradOnline can set up a client “glossary” if need be, thus ensuring consistent terminology from one project to the next.

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