Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more information? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Does TradOnline use Machine Translation (MT) software?

By default, no we don’t use MT software.

However, an MT solution with post-editing by professional translators can be implemented upon request for certain situations.

For example, if you would like to be able to understand a document that hasn’t been written in your native language but don’t have the budget for a 100% human translation, or don’t have any particular need for expert quality, then post-edited machine translations are perfect for you!

Who translates my documents?

Our translators are veritable partners and they work at our sides, signing a strict, mutually beneficial code of conduct.

Their interest guarantees high-quality translations at delivery. We only work with translators who are strongly involved in their work and proactive.

TradOnline adheres to the criteria set out in the European standard EN 15038: our translators only work translating to their native language.

We choose our translator depending on the content of your documents and your business sector.

You can read an interview from one of our loyal translators here.

A full time post is dedicated exclusively to recruiting translators in order to guarantee the best resources on the market are available for your translation needs.

How do you manage repetitions?

We use the best Computer Aided Translation tool currently on the market, memoQ server.

This CAT tool allows for the creation of Translation Memories, which improve the overall quality of translations over time.

Advantages of memoQ:

–       Allows multiple translators to work on a single file or project at the same time

–       Each segment that has been translated and validated by one translator is immediately available to any other translators on the project.

This results in both time and money saved, as well as in terminological consistency.

Note: memoQ is not a Machine Translation tool.

How do you guarantee the quality of my translation?

Depending on the type of project you have, we know which translator will provide the best result. Sourcing translators is the heart of our trade. Our customers will attest, even in the most complex cases, TradOnline has always been able to find the most appropriate solutions.

As testament to the quality of our sourcing, we undertake to change translators at the start of a new project if the sample translation provided doesn’t meet your expectations, for whatever reason. If you aren’t happy, we can source another translator!

Moreover, our service includes a post mortem with our clients following the delivery of the project. And, as always, we, at TradOnline, are always at your disposal for any questions.



Can TradOnline provide me with my Translation Memory?


Translation agencies all have their own policies when it comes to the Translation Memories (TM). Some believe the client owns the TM, while others claim full ownership.

In fact, some agencies systematically deliver the .TMX memory to their client upon delivery of the project, others will provide it upon request, still others provide the memory for a fee, and the most extreme will not provide it under any circumstance.

At TradOnline, we willingly provide it upon request, because we believe the memory belongs to you. The great relationship we foster with our customers every day, and our total transparency on such subjects, means that we aren’t worried about “losing” a customer when we provide a TM they requested. Generally speaking, we lose very few customers.

If you’d like to learn more, read this!



How do you guarantee consistency with previous translations?

Our in-depth knowledge of CAT tools allows us to create and manage a client-specific memory and glossary. This ensures consistency across the board, whether it be in one big project or numerous projects one after the other. Our clients can thus be confident that the translations will be consistent throughout.


How does TradOnline charge for its translations?

TradOnline bases its quotes on the number of words in the source documents. The invoice amount corresponds to the number of source words in your document multiplied by the rate (price per word) of the target language.

Depending on the situation, we also offer special prices based on an hourly rate or a guaranteed volume of words to translate. We also price differently any repetitions that are identified (when we have a definitive project).


Can I pay in my local currency?

The quote is only calculated in euros and TradOnline only invoices in euros.

I need many small documents translated regularly, can you help me?

Yes, we can. We offer this service to all clients regardless of their size. In all cases, our approach is to automate as much as possible the process and exchange of information (texts to be translated and completed translations as well as notifications of price and deadlines). All this while maintaining the professional relationship of trust we have become known for. It’s a made-to-measure service. It requires careful analysis and a collaboration between all parties to work successfully; when this happens, it leads to high productivity as well as medium and long-term gains for the client.


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