Subtitles translation



If you have a video for your clients and want its message to be understood by most people, then you should consider subtitles. TradOnline can provide a translation for use in subtitling your video.

There are several stages to this process. Before starting the translation, our teams check that the script you send to us matches the content of the video.

If need be, we will suggest reviewing the initial transcript and associated time stamps.

What are time stamps?

Time stamps are indications making it possible to locate when each phrase occurs in a video. Time stamps simplify the job of the person who adds the subtitles into your video.

These time indications are especially important if your audio-visual service provider is not fluent in the language you want your document translated into – because without them, there will be no visual points of reference to match the translated phrases with the initial phrases.

Subtitles: what is involved in their translation?

Once the basics have been established, we can then translate your content, before dealing with the subtitles. Of course, your TradOnline Project Manager will choose a translator specialising in your field, to ensure a fluid translation.

Our translators know that they have to condense the translated contents by about 30% so that the subtitles are legible. Reading takes more time than listening, and if there is a word-to-word translation, viewers will not have time to read all the subtitles.

Our translators make every effort to localise the content of your video, and will inform us of any adaptations requiring a decision on your part. For example, if there is a pun in the source text, would you prefer to keep the original meaning or find an equivalent pun in the target language?

When the transcript has been translated, we send it to you so that your team can add the translated subtitles into your video. If need be, TradOnline can ask one of its partners to add the subtitles for you.

Looking for more information?

Questions about your translation project? Feel free to reach out to our Project Managers!